The title will also be made available for PlayStation 5.

14:29, 26 Feb 2021

Square Enix went above and beyond in the remake of the 1997 classic Final Fantasy VII when they brought out the title in April 2020. The original that dates older than me was spruced up and brought into the current generation of gaming, to many fans' pleasure.

However, the introduction of the next-generation consoles may have cut some players' happiness into pieces, with only a selection of mainstream titles available on the PlayStation 5 - Final Fantasy VII Remake not being one. The balance of having the new brand spanking tech weighed against the joys of playing the wonderful remaster have proved as an annoyance thus far. With this in mind though, it appears Square Enix is not resting on the laurels and will bring the dystopian metropolis of Midgar to next-gen in June.

Announced during the Play Sony event, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be getting a new chapter named "Intergrade" that will feature Yuffie Kiaragi. Old-school players will remember Yuffie as a mischievous thief and ninja that wields a gargantuan shuriken. The huntress rebel is described as a "cocky tomboy" and was normally found wandering forests in hope that she can contribute to making her homeland Wutai into the glorious nation that it once was.

Few details about the campaign in Intergrade have yet to be released, although the Sony event did give a brief reintroduction to Yuffie. Appearing on screen, she introduced herself as a “Materia hunter and elite special forces operative for the new Wutai government”, before revealing plans to team with Avalanche in order to "steal a powerful Materia and restore glory to her homeland".

The PS5 exclusive is set to land on June 10, adding a new dynamic to the ever-expanding RPG.



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Image via Square Enix

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