Final Fantasy 7 Remake For PC May Have Just Leaked

Final Fantasy 7 Remake For PC May Have Just Leaked
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Joseph Kime


7th Sep 2021 14:15

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been a controversial title, to say the least. Many have been waiting many years to take the story of the most iconic Final Fantasy title into the latest generation, and for a lot of those people, the remake delivers.

The visuals of the game are maddeningly good, and combat, though different to the original, has been a great asset for many long-time fans of the classic title. But, the gameplay outside of the battles for many left much to be desired, and the extension of the story designed to spread the game’s experience over two titles rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way.

It’s an interesting situation for a game to be in, but the remake doesn’t seem to be ready to call it quits in the wake of Intergrade - and it looks like the remake could be venturing to new platforms soon.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Suggested To Be Coming To PC

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Could Be Getting A PC Port
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In a turn that might surprise a lot of fans, it looks like there’s some evidence of a Final Fantasy 7 Remake port coming to PC. This suggestion comes with the leak of the remastered version of Alan Wake, as the game has been revealed to be buried in the backend of the Epic Games Store by notorious gaming leaker Wario64.

The details of the leaks are buried under coding jargon, but it’s clear to see that a game by developer ‘Square Enix (Japan)’ is there, and given its leak, the game is likely to be announced shortly.

Validity has been given to this claim as it was discovered that Alan Wake’s remaster has already been leaked by a Taiwan retail store. This means that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake leak that came alongside the Alan Wake leak from the Epic Games Store is more than likely true.

When Will Final Fantasy 7 Remake For PC Be Announced?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Could Be Getting A PC Port
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It was announced that Final Fantasy 16 wouldn’t be appearing at the Tokyo Game Show on October 1st - but does that mean there’s a chance that the remake could be flying the flag for the series instead?

If it doesn’t, it’s fair to assume that the PC port would be announced in the coming weeks. If the game was so high to the surface in the store’s backend, there’s every chance that it’s gearing up for an announcement very soon.


We can’t say anything for sure yet, and it’s pure speculation - but an announcement in time for the holiday season would go down a treat. Fingers crossed it’s soon, because we’ll take any opportunity to give the game another spin.


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