FIFA’s New Name Has ‘Leaked’ - And We Want The Old One Back

FIFA’s New Name Has ‘Leaked’ - And We Want The Old One Back

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Joseph Kime


12th Oct 2021 12:07

Last week saw the announcement that FIFA’s name could be getting changed. EA is looking at retitling most of its EA Sports titles, and it looks like FIFA is at the top of that list. The controversial reveal was met with a lot of raised eyebrows.

As FIFA has never sold better, and the game’s iconography is stronger than it has ever been, EA could upend its cultural standing in favour of a new title. And now, it looks like the new title has been revealed.

EA’s New Title For FIFA Has Been Leaked

FIFA's New Name Stinks
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It looks like the new title of FIFA has been revealed, as EA are on a string of trademark listings. The company is now in possession of a trademark for EA Sports FC, which is now thought to be the prospective new title of the FIFA series. It’s certainly… different.

The title is in line with EA’s plans to make all of their sports title fit in with each other better, though it doesn’t half feel like a mere attempt to put EA’s name front and centre.

Of course, many fans don’t really regard the game as EA’s FIFA, and it looks as though the company has had just about enough of that.

Regardless of how you feel about the name itself, the rebrand could bring a lot of change to the game that could damage its status as the ultimate football game on the market.

FIFA’s Name Change Could Be Catastrophic

This huge name change so late in the massive game’s life cycle could hit EA right where it doesn't want it to - the wallet. Making EA's games harder to find and directly changing how it presents itself could lead to a lot of fans not wasting their time picking up the next entry, especially as the changes from game to game in the series are so incremental.

The game formerly known as FIFA could also lose a lot of trademarks and sponsorships that make the title so essential - if they lose teams and players from the game in the process, will it really be the same franchise?

It’s a question that many fans have been left pondering, and the fallout from the name change could reverberate through the series in many ways that will impact them directly. Whether or not this damage will come to light remains to be seen, but the future of FIFA - or EA Sports FC - could bring catastrophe.


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