Ahead of the full release, here are all of the new Ultimate Team features in FIFA 21.

19:00, 15 Oct 2020

Another year of the iconic FIFA Ultimate Team is nearly upon us. As the web app has launched and a handful of players have chomped through their ten hours of early access, teams are already looking to be as dangerous as ever, flooded with the finest stars in football. Here are all of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team's new features...

Your New Look

FUT 21 will allow players to customise their game in ways that EA has never allowed before. From every blade of grass to the colour of your stadium roof, players can design the aesthetics of the game to their own will. 

With the FUT Champions Stadium, it will allow you to fully customise your look. From Tifos, to the grass direction, to the colour of your seats and board, the stadiums can be adapted to suit your style and add to your finesse.


The FUT 100 club will boast the top hundred icons that have graced the football world. Ranging from brand new legends such as Ferenc Puskas, Xavi, and Philip Lahm to the existing icons we know and love like Pele and Maradonna, FIFA 21 Ultimate Team will have them all.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team New Features

New FIFA 21 Team And Community Events

Alongside FUT Divisions and FUT Rivals, Team and Community Events will be a new way of playing and competing. By completing themed objectives, you'll be able to unlock more unique rewards and earn more packs than ever before. Working together with the community, you can fly through the rankings and put your skills to the test in ways that have never been possible before.

FUT21 is available to play, so make sure you jump in and try out all of these new FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Features.


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Image via EA Sports

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