Selected Liverpool and Manchester City players' faces have been leaked for FIFA 21, alongside some new gameplay features

12:54, 27 Jul 2020

Ahead of the FIFA 21 release later this year, the faces of players from the biggest teams in the world have reportedly leaked through a beta run, alongside gameplay and additional features. 

Liverpool, Manchester City and Real Madrid are just three teams that have featured so far, with the new graphics being put under the microscope. Players such as the Liverpool front three: Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane, can be seen, as well the offensive rivals from Man City such as Raheem Sterling, Sergio Aguero and Riyad Mahrez


In some leaked gameplay footage from an alleged beta run of FIFA 21, you can also see some new features such as celebrations and the pause menu.

Furthermore, an in-game feature allowing you to cancel a referees advantage can be seen. If true, this will allow users to decline the advantage and opt for a free-kick, useful for those that wish to break up the play with a dead-ball situation and marksmen that have mastered the mechanics of getting the ball up and over the wall with enough topspin to find the top corner.

The next instalment of FIFA is in its birthing stages, and from the gameplay displayed, there are still many mechanics that will need smoothing over, however, with in-game features like this, it feels like EA have one ear to the ground listening to what the fans want.

So far, mechanics such as 'agile dribbling', 'new positioning personality', 'creative runs', and 'revisions to fundamentals of football' have been rumoured to be implemented, adding to the overall gameplay and stylistic that fans have been craving all-year-round.

Stay tuned at GGRecon for more news and leaks as FIFA 21 approaches.


Image via EA Sports

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