EA Games has delayed the first FIFA 21 Weekend League just two hours before kick-off.

14:42, 16 Oct 2020

There's another bump in the road for the troubled timeline of FIFA 21 as EA Sports has confirmed the first Weekend League has been delayed. What makes it worse is that EA pulled the plug just two hours before it was supposed to start.

The FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Weekend League is supposed to give players a leg up over the opposition as they play 30 games against elite opponents. The idea is that you can place highly on a global leaderboard with relative ease. 

Those in Europe had to get up extra early in order to play, which means the delay is a double blow for many. With the Weekend League being delayed by 24 hours, it means there will be another early start tomorrow (October 17) if you want to make the most of it.


The FIFA Weekend League usually runs from 2am ET/7am BST on Friday through to 2am ET/7am BST on Monday. Posting on Twitter, EA cited "unforeseen circumstances". The company confirmed an extra 24 hours will be added onto this weekend's league, while the 2000 champions points spent will be refunded - with a chance to spend them on the next Weekend League instead.

We were supposed to be celebrating a week since the biggest FIFA game to date launched, but instead, we're left waiting for the delayed Weekend League. We're not sure what caused the delay, but given that things ran smoothly with the 10-hour FIFA 21 trial, the three-day early access, and title updates - tech issues haven't been much of a problem so far.

It's entirely possible the massive update that just dropped could've caused problems for the Weekend League. The delay comes off the back of outrage that EA Sports cancelled the FIFA 21 demo and left everyone holding on for the game's full release.

Weekend League has already become a point of contention considering many players simply don't have the time to complete 30 matches in a weekend. Even though things have thankfully come down from 40 matches in previous games, there have been criticisms our busy lifestyles don't give casual gamers enough time to take on this mammoth task. You'll still have a chance to complete your Weekend League on Monday, but is this enough?

Here's hoping the next Weekend League will be a little easier to get off the ground. 


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Images via EA Sports

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