Itachi is officially trying out with FC Barcelona for the Eurocup, confirms Ronaky

15:40, 08 Jun 2020

FC Barcelona captain, Ronaky, has announced on his twitter that the highly-sought-after Itachi will be trying out as their third for the Eurocup, alongside himself and Deevo.

Amine 'Itachi' Benayachi, who comes in as a free agent, has attracted many teams in recent weeks, as teams look to settle on their rosters before the array of community competitions leading to the elusive RLCS Season 10.

Many moons ago, Itachi was part of team ZentoX, who qualified for RLCS Season 3, to most peoples surprise. However, before they continued to shock the RL world, ZentoX was deemed ineligible to compete within RLCS due to the country of residence of Itachi and therefore disbanded. Due to Morrocco being an ineligible country to compete within RLCS, Itachi has since been without a serious roster, competing with many smaller teams outside of RLCS, and has an approximate earnings within RL of just $710.

After moving into Europe, Itachi has now become eligible to compete and will try his luck as FCB's third, alongside Ronaky, and World Champion, Deevo.

This comes after Barcelona released Flakes from their roster, and Seeb coming in as a stand-in for Fusion. Barca has been searching for their third for just shy of a month now, and will look to tie down Itachi before these future tournaments and RLCS Season 10.

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