FaZe Fuzzface On Being An In-Game Leader, Career Highlights, And The Future

FaZe Fuzzface On Being An In-Game Leader, Career Highlights, And The Future

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17th Aug 2020 18:30

David "Fuzzface" Tillberg-Persson is a professional PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) player for FaZe Clan. Fuzzface, 26, grew up in Norrköping, Sweden. After graduating high school, Fuzzface enlisted in the Swedish Army, where he served for just under four years.

His journey into the world of PUBG began shortly after his release from the army. One of his close friends introduced him to the PUBG beta. Fuzzface fell in love with the game, and has been grinding ever since. PUBG's realism and its tactical and strategic elements are what drove his passion.

In another life, esports fans may know Fuzzface not as a PUBG pro, but as a Rainbow Six Siege pro. According to Fuzzface, Rainbow Six Siege was his game of choice before PUBG. "[Rainbow Six Siege] is also a very strategic game which I think suits me better," Fuzzface told GGRecon. He had aspirations of playing Siege at a professional level, but PUBG's release pushed all of that to the wayside. "I felt like it was very doable for me, but I never got far on that path before PUBG came out!"

Joining FaZe Clan

At first, Fuzzface simply played PUBG for fun and had no intention of going pro. It was not until June 2017 when Team Kinguin recruited him, that he realised his true potential. This moment helped Fuzzface recognise that he was indeed a top-tier player. A few months later, Fuzzface left Team Kinguin for FaZe Clan. He has been a starter for FaZe ever since.

Fuzzface had nothing but good things to say regarding his time in FaZe Clan. In particular, the culture of the organisation is something he admires. "The absolute best part is how open, family-style, and above-board the org operates." Fuzzface continued, "I always heard a lot of horror stories from other players, and it's so very nice not to have any to share."

Inside PUBG, Fuzzface plays the role of In-Game Leader (IGL). As the IGL, Fuzzface is responsible for things like shot-calling and strategising. Fuzzface is essentially the brains of the operation.

The IGL role is a unique position. Tons of different elements go into the position, and there is no one defined type of IGL. As Fuzzface explains it, "I think there are a wide array of different skills that play into what type of IGL you are and how you choose to view the game and structure the team around a specific playstyle." On a personal level, Fuzzface attributes his success to a few different factors. "I believe attention to detail, discipline, and a slightly different view of the topography and what it allows you to do and not to do are my strong suits."

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Results, Career Highlights, and Keys to Success

It's hard to argue with the results. Through Fuzzface's tenure, FaZe Clan is the second highest-earning PUBG team of all-time, raking in over $1.2M. Personally, Fuzzface has earned over $300K in prize money from tournaments, placing him sixth on the all-time earnings list. He has had additional success as a solo act. In 2018, Fuzzface travelled to South Korea and took home first place in the PSS Beta Season - Solo Event.

The highlight of Fuzzface's illustrious career was winning the GLL Grand Slam. This particular win marked the third consecutive major event victory for FaZe Clan. Back-to-back-to-back first-place finishes are unheard of in a game like PUBG. "It's very hard to do in PUBG, and it's an achievement I feel really good about," Fuzzface explained.

Playing anything at a professional level takes immense hard-work, dedication, and discipline — PUBG is no different. Looking at Fuzzface's personal life, it's easy to assume he acquired these traits through his time in the army and his passion for bodybuilding and fitness. However, he believes his discipline is innate, not learned.

I usually say it's more that I am obsessive in my endeavours and have a refusal to be content, whatever they might be.

"I don't really believe that I 'got' discipline from the army or fitness, it has always been with me," Fuzzface said. "I usually say it's more that I am obsessive in my endeavours and have a refusal to be content, whatever they might be." Overall, Fuzzface believes that his extreme discipline is more of a "personality trait" and has served him "both for better and worse."

The Future for Fuzzface

When asked about his future, he relayed uncertainty. "I honestly don't know," Fuzzface said when questioned on his three-year plan. "I love competing, I think I would enjoy coaching, and I definitely like streaming so I can't say what I'll be doing that far into the future." Fuzzface lives in the moment, and for now, "it's competing and streaming!"

Fuzzface has been competing professionally in PUBG for over three years now. With calls for a PUBG 2.0, or at least a new PUBG competitor, fans may wonder if he would ever consider pursuing a different game professionally. Fuzzface thinks that is unlikely. "I would never say never, but you have to find the right fit, and I'm also not very young anymore." At 26, Fuzzface plans on riding PUBG to the end, barring any surprises.


For more Fuzzface, follow him on Twitter @FaZeFuzzface and catch his PUBG streams at twitch.tv/fuzzface49.

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