With a $50,000 prize pool, FaZe Clan and Riot Games will host the biggest VALORANT Event to date in North America,

17:17, 28 Jul 2020

Hosting 16 North American teams, FaZe Clan and Riot Games will host their own Ignition Series tournament, the 'FaZe Clain VALORANT Invitational', with a prize pool of $50,000.

With partners Nissan and Verizon, the event will become the largest ever event in VALORANT's short history and is set to take place on August 6, with the finals taking place three days later.

FaZe Clan will also be making their debut in VALORANT in this event, after extensive scouting and research into their team, with a full list of team members set to be announced later this week. So far they have publically announced four members of the roster, with ZachaREEE and Marved joining this week, alongside jasonR and corey who were confirmed on June 25.

The Faze Clan VALORANT Invitational will match last weekends PAX Arena Invitational as the highest prize pool for North America, as the global record still currently stands at $50,000. 

No teams, bar FaZe Clan's own have been announced thus far, however, it is likely that North America's finest will all be in action, such as Cloud9, TSM and T1.

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Image via Riot Games and FaZe Clan

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