Far Cry Players Call Out Ubisoft For Cockfighting Minigame

Far Cry Players Call Out Ubisoft For Cockfighting Minigame
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Tarran Stockton


8th Oct 2021 10:03

Far Cry 6 has had a divisive release so far, with critics mixed on the newest entry to the long-running series. Now, there's an added element of controversy after players discover a cockfighting minigame.

The seemingly tranquil paradise of Yara is bloody enough thanks to El President Anton Castillo ruling with an iron fist, but if seeing enemies ripped apart by crocodiles wasn't enough, how about some blood sports to round off your day?

What Is The Cockfighting Minigame?

Since releasing Far Cry 6, players have posted videos online detailing the entire roster of playable roosters that can be collected throughout the game. Collecting animals isn’t a new concept in Far Cry, as each entry since No. 3 has had players kill and skin a variety of beasts. However, never before has the series tasked you with collecting live animals that you can then battle to the death in a playable minigame.

The mode acts like a very simple fighting game, with two basic attack combos for close and long-range. The roosters are also given a dodge to avoid attacks and a special bar, that once filled, enables a charged attack with massive damage output.

This isn’t the first-ever game to have cockfighting, with Sleeping Dogs featuring the mode within an accurate cultural context. For some though, Far Cry 6 has missed the mark significantly by turning it into a playable fighting game in the vein of Tekken or Street Fighter.

What are fans saying?

Since discovering the mode, fans and players have taken to Twitter to condemn Ubisoft's representation of the largely illegal sport. One user stated, "You’re totally allowed to depict cockfighting as an acknowledgement to real world-building. I think it’s tone-deaf to make it a minigame without any real condemnation of the act."

Another user added, "Not sure if a cockfighting minigame that’s styled like a fun, cartoonish fighting game is a smart choice."  Ubisoft has yet to comment on the minigame or the backlash levied against it. Presumably, they will find some way to address it, whether that’s a bog-standard corporate apology or retooling the mode in some way to address fans' concerns.


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