Far Cry 6 Map Leak Hints At Giant Open-World Environment

Far Cry 6 Map Leak Hints At Giant Open-World Environment

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Tom Chapman


31st May 2021 09:10

It's time to pack your bags and head off to Yara, because Far Cry 6 is nearly here. It's been three years since we headed off to Montana to tackle the Project at Eden's Gate, and in classic Far Cry style, it's a whole new adventure this time around. There's political unrest on the fictional island of Yara, with Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito suiting up as the villainous El Presidente. Along for the ride is son, Diego, while players take control of guerilla fighter, Dani.

Far Cry 6 is already tipped to be the biggest entry in the franchise's acclaimed franchise, but with the long-awaited gameplay trailer finally giving us a look at what we can expect, fans get a taste of just how big that could be. Off the back of the gameplay trailer, a potential map leak has teased a fully open-world Far Cry 6


Is Far Cry 6 open-world?

Posting on Reddit, u/PaulMorrison90 shared the Fary Cry 6 map and showcased the expansive scale of Yara. One of Far Cry 5's big selling points was the open-world backdrop of Hope County. Yara might be completely different in locale, but by the looks of it, it's taking the best bits of its predecessor and running with them. From the map, we can see mountainous regions, a jungle area, and a separate island. 

It's unclear what the second island is for, but the general school of thought is that it could be a tutorial island like Far Cry 3, or potentially house a final boss battle with El Presidente and his army of goons. Players were suitably impressed by the map reveal and shared their love for its massive size. One wrote, "Gives me rdr2 vibes", while another added, "Kinda reminds me of Just cause 3 map". 


How big is the open-world Far Cry 6?

Similar to Far Cry 4, there are plenty of beach and jungle areas to fight on. Elsewhere, we see airports, cities, and lighthouses - teasing a wide variety of places to take on El Presidente, Diego and their men. We're not sure how you'll traverse the stretch of water, but we're guessing a plane or boat will be your mode of transport. Ubisoft had already promised this would be the biggest Far Cry game to date, and although the map doesn't give us an exact size, the developer seems to be delivering on that front.

Discussing how big the game is, Lead Gameplay Designer David Grivel told VGC, "The biggest thing for us was that it was the first time we’ve built an entire country. What that means is that we needed new biomes and environments that we’ve never had before. The best example is the main city of Esperanza: it’s the first time we’ve brought such a big urban environment to a Far Cry game, so it was interesting in the sense of, how do we adapt the gameplay to this kind of environment?" Even though Far Cry 6 has been delayed from its original release date, we're heading into the final furlong. With this in mind, Ubisoft is on the marketing assault to make sure Far Cry 6 shifts as many copies as possible. 


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