Far Cry 6 Is Hiding Armored Tigers

Far Cry 6 Is Hiding Armored Tigers

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Katey Roberts


8th Oct 2021 12:44

Far Cry 6 has only been out for a few short days, and already players are finding hidden secrets - like the Far Cry 6 secret ending - within the game that hint at what's landing in the weeks to come.

If you weren’t aware, many content creators and press get access to games a bit earlier than the intended release date in order to test run the game and give their reviews, meaning that despite it only being live for a day, many players have had a bit longer to scour the maps for interesting additions.

One YouTuber in particular, RaptorRollGameplay, showcased on their channel that certain crates within Far Cry 6 had QR codes embedded on their sides. When scanned with the in-game phone camera, a short but exciting trailer would pop up and hint at some of the exciting new content that would be expected to arrive in the coming months. 

What does the QR Far Cry 6 crate trailer reveal?

The trailer shows a cartoon revolver cylinder waving and talking inaudibly, before flashing to a digital map that is coated in red and blue. It then shows some tiny model temples and an image is immediately shown of what looks to be an armoured tiger attacking a man. Text flashes to say ‘Sky Temple’ and then the map returns with skull symbols across it before the scene ends. 

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Credit: RaptorRollGameplay

When are the armoured tigers arriving in Far Cry 6?

There’s a fierce debate online about whether or not these tigers are going to be part of an upcoming game, but it’s more than likely that they’ll be connected to the Far Cry 6 villain DLC that Ubisoft has already revealed to be coming soon after launch.

In the DLC, players will be able to take on the role of some of Far Cry’s biggest and baddest villains, including Pagan Min, Vaas and Joseph Seed which will consist of missions relating to their backstories.


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