Far Cry 6 Chorizo Cosplay Features The 'Goodest Boy' Ever

Far Cry 6 Chorizo Cosplay Features The 'Goodest Boy' Ever

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Emma Hill


29th Sep 2021 10:47

Far Cry 6 fan has shared her cosplay of the extremely cute canine, Chorizo. The new character and Fang for Hire from the latest addition to the game franchise will melt your heart!

Far Cry 6 isn't even out yet, but this loyal pooch has already become a beloved fan favourite as the game's release date draws very near. There are plenty of new features to keep us coming back to Far Cry, but Chorizo threatens to outshine guns that shoot the Macarena

Who is Chorizo in Far Cry 6?

Far Cry will feature a new amigo for the player... Chorizo, the dachshund! However, as well as being interactable, Chorizo is one tough little dog. The faithful animal companion will be a helpful ally, and similar to good boy Boomer, Chorizo will be available as a Fang for Hire.

Enemies will no doubt fall for his butter-wouldn't-melt appearance with his sweet smile and bulging doe-eyes. What they don't know is, Chorizo's modified dog wheelchair can carry various weapons, or that he certainly has a feisty side when he needs to.     

The Far Cry 6 Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer gave audiences an exciting and action-packed preview of the upcoming game - due for release on October 7, 2021. In the trailer, the playable character and protagonist, Dani Rojas, battled it out across the island of Yara. All of this is while Juan Cortez lays down the rules of the guerrilla.

Despite the explosive action throughout the clip, it was the surprising appearance at the very end of little Chorizo who really won best in show.   

What Does The Far Cry 6 Chorizo Cosplay Look Like?

After Ubisoft posted a short clip of Chorizo on Twitter, fan Frau Adler responded with her cosplay of the Far Cry 6 character - featuring her real-life pet dachshund. The adorable pooch was sporting their very own attachable wheelchair, complete with an assortment of items resembling those seen with Chorizo in the trailer and other promotional images. 

The reaction from fans was incredibly positive: "Okay that is the best Halloween costume I have ever seen for a dog", with another saying: "I absolutely love this". Both Ubisoft and Ubisoft Latam went on to tweet their love for the Chorizo cosplay.  

Far Cry 6 promises to be a fantastic game for animal lovers out there. Not only will Chorizo's wholesome grin and waggy tail help motivate players, but the game will have plenty of Amigos to choose from. If you aren't a fan of dogs (how?), there are the likes of Chicharrón the rooster and a crocodile named Guapo. However, if you want the chance to play as your favourite Far Cry baddy you will have the chance in the next instalment.


Emma Hill is a Junior Journalist at GGRecon. She studied Film & English at University of Manchester, and also took part in an Introduction to Acting for Video Games course. She loves everything from Skyrim to Stardew Valley.

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