Ubisoft Is Letting You Play Far Cry 5 For Free

Ubisoft Is Letting You Play Far Cry 5 For Free

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Tom Chapman


4th Aug 2021 12:40

While Ubisoft is powering forward with Far Cry 6 to explore the island of Yara, the developer is taking us back to Hope County for a trip down memory lane with Far Cry 5. For a short time only, you can play the 2018 chart-topper for absolutely nothing.

Up there with the Assassin's Creed franchise, Far Cry has become a cornerstone of the Ubisoft catalogue. Much like AC series, Far Cry has become the master of reinvention over the past 17 years. From the mammoth-hunting days of Far Cry: Primal to the cyberpunk-inspired backstop of Blood Dragon, even Far Cry 5 delivered an apocalyptic future with its New Dawn expansion.

If you haven't played a Far Cry game before - and fancy dipping your toe in the ocean - there's no better time to get acquainted than now. 

When can you play Far Cry 5 free?

Ubisoft announced a free Far Cry 5 weekend from August 5-8. Gamers can make the most of the promotion through either Ubisoft connect or the Epic Games Store. The full schedule of Far Cry 5's free release is as follows: 

PC (Ubisoft Store) - August 5 at 2pm BST
PC (Epic Games Store) - August 5 at 6pm BST
PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 - August 5 at 8.01am BST
Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One - August 5 at 8:01am BST
Stadia - August 5 at 6pm BST

Basically, everyone gets to enjoy the cult chaos of Far Cry 5 and what became the fastest-selling game in the history of Far Cry. Although Far Cry 5 is the 12th game in the entire sorry saga, it's the fifth main entry in the main franchise canon.

Taking place in the fictional Hope County, players take control of an outgunned Deputy Sheriff who is tasked with regaining control from a doomsday cult known as the Project at Eden's Gate. At the core is the cult's charismatic leader, with Joseph Seed becoming a Far Cry legend alongside the likes of Far Cry 3's Vaas Montenegro.

Why is Ubisoft making Far Cry 5 free to play? 

For those questioning why Ubisoft is making Far Cry 5 free, it's well-timed to drum up interest in the delayed Far Cry 6. Although Yara is decidedly different to Hope County, the core mechanics of any Far Cry game are here. We also don't expect Far Cry 6 will be tied to the story of its predecessor, but then again, remember that some think Diego Castillo is a young Vaas. 

It's also interesting to note that Ubisoft has confirmed you'll be able to play as some classic Far Cry villains in Far Cry 6. In the meantime, you can enjoy all the fun and frolics of Far Cry 5. Even though some might be disappointed that it's only a free weekend, Ubisoft clarified that you'll be able to buy the full version of Far Cry 5 for 85% off.

Alongside the announcement of an animated Netflix series based on Blood Dragon, a free taster of Far Cry 5 proves Ubisoft is making the most of Far Cry name ahead of Far Cry 6's October release. The free trial only includes the main game (in single-player or co-op), but with Far Cry 5's story taking around 18 hours to complete, you should be able to topple Seed in a weekend.


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