Fans Slam New Lego Star Wars Game

Fans Slam New Lego Star Wars Game
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Emma Hill


1st Sep 2021 17:24

The announcement of the new LEGO Star Wars Battles mobile game didn't get the best reception from fans, following its big reveal by StarWars.Com on August 30th.  

What's New About The Game? 

Lego Star Wars
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Providing fans with a 'first look' at the game, the website claimed it was: "the new PVP strategy game strong with the brick side of the force." As well as the chance to play as "characters, troops, and vehicles from across the Star Wars saga", players could create their own army to take part in real-time PVP multiplayer battles.

In addition, all the classic heroes and villains will have their very own abilities. This includes Luke Skywalker's Force Push and Darth Vader's Force Slam. Players will, also, have the chance to tactically build LEGO towers on the battlefield to capture or defend their territory and attack their opponents. 

Why Are Fans So Upset? 

The reaction of fans on Twitter, however, has been mostly negative. Mainly because it isn't a completely new game at all. LEGO Star Wars Battles actually had an original soft launch in September 2019 in countries such as Malaysia, Australia and the Netherlands - gaining a passionate fanbase in the process. 

However, in May 2021, players received a sudden notification, saying the app was closing down and would no longer be available to download from July 1st. Furthermore, the message warned players with any in-game currency to spend it before the closing date. 

Sadly, fans were quick to point out that the 'new' features of the game already existed in the original: "So it got announced, cancelled, now announced again. I'm starting to sense a pattern I'm not sure I like."

Is The Game Available To Play On Android?

LEGO Star Wars Battles is only exclusive to Apple Arcade - Apple's video game subscription service. Meaning other devices, such as Android, will be unable to play. Whereas the original game was accessible on all platforms. 

Fans quickly criticised the move: "Another mobile game that was available for Android and shut down only to go to Apple Arcade. Nice job". Another said "1. Announce great game 2. Cancel great game 3. Bring it back 3.5. But only on ios... and locked behind a subscription service..." 

An official date for LEGO Star Wars Battles has yet to be announced but, in the meantime, fans will be hoping the game will soon be available to download across all mobile platforms. 


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