Fans Claim New Saints Row Trailer Has 'Changed Their Opinion On The Game Entirely'

Fans Claim New Saints Row Trailer Has 'Changed Their Opinion On The Game Entirely'
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Mel Ramsay


21st Oct 2021 15:26

A brand-new trailer for Saints Row has dropped, and some fans are saying that it has changed their opinion on the game entirely. 

What Exactly Is The Trailer About?

The trailer dropped earlier today (October 21), and already has thousands of views. Check it out for yourself...

The trailer's description explains more about the gameplay itself, with players being able to build their empire in a completely new way. The game wrote: "Let’s get criminal! There are so many ways you can build your empire and take over Santo Ileso in Saints Row, and Criminal Ventures is just one way you can do it."

It also feels a bit Sims-like, as player can 'choose how your Saints empire takes shape and which ventures you build. Where they get built in the city is also up to you, changing the landscape and offering unique gameplay, characters and rewards'. Sounds pretty good to me. 

They continue: "Make bank with your very own Shady Oaks Medical Clinic; go cause yourself some damage, play in traffic and watch the cash roll in from all those totally real injuries you get.

"Take over the already booming food truck drug business and corner the market yourself by building a Chalupacabra and serving Mexican food with your own special kick. Or Bright Futures Disposal facility, all you have to do is find somewhere to illegally dump some potentially pretty dangerous stuff and you’re getting paid – just don’t think too hard about the environmental impact.

"Or how about pulling your team together for a heist with Let’s Pretend? Or a Totally Legitimate Laundry service? Or an arms dealership? Criminal Ventures lets you build your own definitely-not-a-front-businesses across Santo Ileso as you rise to power, change the city and rake in the cash you need to make a name for the Saints in Santo Ileso."

What Are Fans Saying About The Trailer?

One fan took to the comments of YouTube, saying: "The more I see of this game, the more excited I get - this is coming from someone who was extremely disappointed with the initial reveal and the idea of reboot. The gameplay and content looks incredible, I just hope for an extended gameplay preview sometime soon!". 

Another added: "Every trailer keeps getting better! This game is gonna be amazing." While a third didn't mince their words, saying: "Im starting to think they released the dog sh*t first to draw attention".

Saints Row is due to release on February 25, 2022 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC through the Epic Games Store.


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