Fallout fans have been given an early Christmas present as the 'Steel Dawn' Fallout 76 update landed early because of a glitch.

16:31, 25 Nov 2020

It's the two-year anniversary of Fallout 76, and despite a shaky start, Bethesda has continued to churn out content for the multiplayer RPG. Although Fallout 76 originally populated its wasteland solely with other players, the move away from the classic Fallout favourite NPCs saw it tumble down the gaming charts. Now, the "Steel Dawn" update is (hopefully) proving the game still has something to offer.

The famous Fallout faction known as the Brotherhood of Steel previously got its own game in 2004. Now, they're marching into action into Appalachia and are supposed to have an evolving story that will take players through into 2021. "Steel Dawn" was due to launch on December 1, but in a rare treat, it's actually dropped early. So what's caused it?


What happened to the Fallout 76 update? 

Apparently, a bug that allowed Xbox owners to download the DLC ahead of time has led to its immediate fix and release. Xbox players were surprised to learn they could download "Steel Dawn" early. Unfortunately, this bug-riddled version of the DLC also locked them out the game. This meant Bethesda had to act fast and pulled down its servers.


In a blog post, Bethesda confirmed it thought about rolling back the update and making everyone wait for another week, but with a simple fix, it spread its wings early. Bethesda explained, "We immediately investigated ways to get our Xbox players back in-game as soon as possible, but, through our discussions, the entire BGS team felt confident that Steel Dawn is ready to go. As a result, instead of rolling back the update and making everyone wait another week, we've decided to release the Steel Dawn Update on all platforms". 


What's in the Fallout 76 update? 

More than just suiting up the Brotherhood of Steel for action, the update has overhauled how hunger and thirst work in terms of negative effects, while having a well-fed and hydrated character will give a bigger buff. There are also dynamic bundles that will be cheaper if you already have some of the items inside, alongside C.A.M.P. shelters as underground bases.


Even though Bethesda didn't reveal how "Steel Dawn" landed early on Xbox, players have praised the DLC for running pretty smoothly despite its early drop. Either way, the long-awaited return of the Brotherhood of Steel is a coup for fans of Fallout's complicated lore. In general, everyone is (unsurprisingly) happy that something finally came early in the gaming world - especially in the midst of COVID-19.



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Images via Bethesda

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