There's a Fall Guys x Doom game that fans never knew they needed...until now.

08:05, 19 Sep 2020

As Mediatonic bounces toward the release of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 2, the battle royale favourite is aiming to prove its critics wrong and show how this little title has the legs to go all the way.

With questions about what could come after the Medieval-themed second season, one fan has created the crossover we never knew we needed thanks to a free-to-play Fall Guys x Doom hybrid. Instead of blasting alien scum off the surface of Mars, you can now shotgun beans in their blank, emotionless, faces. 

For as long as we can remember, Doom has been held as the defining first-person shooter. Bucking the trend of FPS gaming way back in 1993, id Software was onto a winner with Doom. Since then, there's been an impressive legacy of an ongoing franchise that most recently dropped Doom Eternal in 2020.

While the Fall Guys x Doom game doesn't put beans alongside the high-end graphics of Bethesda's last offering, there's a blast of retro nostalgia as we see them transported back to the iconic backdrop of the original 



Putting Fall Guys' usual colourful twist on proceedings, Doom Guys traps Doom Slayer in this candy-coated prison and tasks him with escaping alive. We can presume his punishment (if he doesn't escape) is to be subjected to round after round of being matched into team games as the Yellow Team. What a nightmarish existence that would be *shudder*. 

Doom Guys is about as simplistic as they come, with Doom Slayer taking on standard Fall Guys beans, Fall Guys demons, and Fall Guys cyclops (based on the fan-favourite Pain Elemental). Apart from sneaking up and grabbing you like a bean on Tail Tag, only the cyclops can actually attack you. Also, creator Romain Bayer has dialled down the violence. Sadly, you won't get to see what the inside of a bean looks like. Instead, they vanish into nothingness when you shoot them with your shotgun.

Fall Guys x Doom

If you want to play Doom Guys, it's available on and is sure to be an addictive way to pass the time. It comes with four different weapons, the three enemy types, a variety of environments, and even an episode of the Fall Guys TV Show - whatever that is. The sounds were all mined from either Fall Guys or the original Doom, but here's hoping it's subtle enough not to warrant a takedown noticed. 


There's a growing trend of Fall Guys crossovers, with those haunting beans crossing over into everything from Minecraft to a Resident Evil 3 mod. Still, Fall Guys Doom could be one of our favourites.

Now that Doom has been ported onto everything, and is even playable on a pregnancy test, we demand to see more of Doom Guys. Remembering that those Fall Guys beans are actually supposed to be 6ft tall, it's easy to see how their towering size would even give Doom Slayer a run for his money. 


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Images via Mediatonic | Bethesda


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