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19:00, 22 Sep 2020

As we deliver yet another Fall Guys guide, it's time to enter the loathed level we all know as Tail Tag. Alongside Slime Climb, and Egg Scramble, Tail Tag is down there with the very worst. In fact, it's a close call on whether players hate Tail Tag or Royal Fumble the most. Basically, if it has a tail, we ain't interested.

Still, you'll have to face the inevitability that your Fall Guys journey will eventually cross path with Tail Tag. With this in mind, here's how you can (try and) master this monstrous mini-game. 

Tail Tag comes in two forms, the standard one-player version and Team Tail Tag. Either way, you'll have to keep your wits about you if you want to keep or tail, or additionally, grab one if you start the round tail-free.

Solo Tail Tag

Going in alone in standard Tail Tag means you don't have the support of your teammates - which can be a help or a hindrance. Although players have asked time and time again for a points system to be added to Tail Tag, the aim of the game is to simply have a tail when the timer runs out. This can be a nightmare in itself when you consider Fall Guys' less than reliable grab feature.

When close to another player's backside, press shift or R2 to try and snatch their tail. If you're the one wearing a tail, you'll want to do anything in your power to avoid being grabbed. The best advice is to keep an eye on who's behind you and try to dodge out of their way. This is easier said than done when you're in the heat of a match, and there's a bumble of beans running for your bottom. 

In terms of getting a tail, diving can be another make or break mechanic. Even though diving can slow you down, a well-timed diving grab can earn you a tail. This method requires some mastering, so it could be a case of practice makes perfect. Keeping your tail is a completely different matter.


This brings us to one of the most divisive tail techniques that can be high-risk/high-reward. The centre of the arena has a giant spinning mallet and is a hotbed for beans gathering together. You can either duck under the hammer and hope to hide out with your tail, or you could leap into the path of the hammer to hopefully get hurled across the course and away from your pursuers. 

An interesting fact is that a player who has just grabbed a tail gains their own Avengers-inspired power and will have tail invincibility for about a second. Trust us, it's easier to try and find another bean than go on a vendetta against the one that just nabbed your tail. Another piece of solid advice is sticking with a group of other Tailies. Even though one-player Tail Tag isn't a group event, bunching together can you make you less or more of a target. We suggest trying to get into the middle of a pack of tail-wearing allies. 

Team Tail Tag

It's much of the same for Team Tail Tag, however, you'll need a lot more communication to make sure you and your squad are saved from elimination. Whichever team has the least tails at the end is given the boot. Irt's not just your input that matters here.


Cutthroat tactics will need to be deployed here, so look for the team that has the fewest tails, then target it. Taking out a Yellow Team that is marginally ahead of yours is a lot harder than keeping the Blue Team that's already trailing last at the bottom of the pack.

A great tip for sneakily stealing tails involves hiding around the corner (just off the conveyors), wait for an unsuspecting Tailie to slide past, grab the tail, and run off as they continue to rotate the course. Our final piece of advice for Team Tail Tag is grabbing an enemy player and holding them so your teammate can grab their tail. Going full Lion King, you can trap them in the air with their tail ripe for the tagging.


In general, both Tail Tag and Team Tail Tag require some quick-fingered trickery with camera angles. Being able to see whether there's someone sneaking up behind you or coming round a corner can save your tail. It sounds obvious, but obstacles are also great for making sure your derrière is covered. Evading rivals is sped up with the conveyor belts, but as we previously said, it can be a great spot for people to hide and snatch your tail, leaving you rotating round the arena and wondering what just happened.

Finally, stay away from the pink slime floor. We're not sure why you'd even go near it when wearing a tail, but if you find yourself stuck there, chances are someone will swoop in and nab it straight off you. Fall Guys Season 2 is just around the corner, so we'll have to wait and see whether Tail Tag and Team Tail Tag will be getting a Medieval-themed makeover or sticking with their Season 1 aesthetic. Either way, don't expect fans to be over the moon if these two mini-games find themselves back for more tail torment.


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