One speedy Fall Guys players has smashed through the new Wall Guys level in record-breaking time.

10:05, 16 Oct 2020

There's a whole new Medieval mountain to climb as Mediatonic has ridden into battle on its trusty steed with Season 2 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This pint-sized party game had big aspirations, which helped it rocket to the top of the Twitch charts in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although critics started calling it a "dead game" from the start, that hasn't stopped devs being determined to reinvent with a whole new theme this season. As players get to grips with new levels like Hoopsie Legends, Wall Guys, and Knight Fever, the competition is just as fierce as ever.

Now, one plucky player has tackled Wall Guys and made it across the finish line in a jaw-dropping 31 seconds. Better yet, they did it without using a single cheat. We knew Sonic the Hedgehog was coming to Fall Guys, but we didn't expect everyone to become speedsters.


Wall Guys usually involves you and other beans working together to push blocks into place so everyone can jump from platform to platform and climb up the increasingly high tiers. When it comes to Twitch partner OcularGumby, he went it alone and leaped across the course in literally no time at all. Sharing his amazing feat on Twitter, he wrote, "Link me any faster runs but I think this wins! Show this love!". 


There was plenty of love for the stream, which even caught the attention of Disney Channel actor Jason Dolley. Dolley has swapped the House of Mouse for streaming and become something of a Fall Guys pro himself, writing "fastest I've ever seen" about OxcularGumby's run. Now that the gauntlet has been thrown down, the question is, can anyone beat OcularGumby?


Season 2 of Fall Guys officially kicked off on October 8, and while there's been a plethora of new skins and levels to get to grips with, Wall Guys has edged in front of the rest to become a fan-favourite in terms of trickery and talent. Wall Guys is in the sweet spot of co-op gameplay and the infuriating nature of other beans that most of Season 1's levels sadly missed.


It's hard to pinpoint what everyone loves so much about Wall Guys, but it could be that the helpful players that do all the work and push the blocks are effectively the ones that are punished. Meanwhile, lazy players can jump to victory without having to lift a finger - do beans even have fingers? 

Although we've already seen some pretty impressive Wall Guys runs, we should all bow down to OcularGumby's run. If you fancy beating OcularGumby's time, why don't you put on your running shoes?



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Images via Mediatonic

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