Come Slime With Me.

17:30, 18 Sep 2020

It's slime time as we roll out our handy Fall Guys Slime Climb guide. While Mediatonic has promised a revamp of some classic levels in the Medieval-themed Season 2, the introduction of Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus has also given Slime Climb a fresh lick of paint.

There's no escaping the fact that Slime Climb is one of THE hardest levels to grace the bouncing wonderland that is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and with the latest update, that legacy still stands. 

As the name suggests, Slime Climb is a steady climb to the top, and hopeful qualification. The problem is, Slime Climb's new placement in Round 1 means the player count has become a massacre of beans. There are already reports of only two players making it through the round, and even one incident where a player got an automatic crown because they were Slime Climb's sole survivor. 

In typical Fall Guys style, staying ahead of the pack is the key to survival in Slime Climb. Rounding the first corner is where your first crucial move comes in. We're sure you've seen other players take a bouncy shortcut by jumping on the inflatable triangles to launch themselves onto the raised area. It can be a bit of a scramble as all the beans bunch together, but trust us, this is one trick you'll need to master.

From there, avoid being pushed off by the moving platforms. Although it's pretty easy to start again this early on, it'll still cost you valuable seconds. Up next, it used to be a barrage of rolling balls. These days, those Mediatonic devs have decided to make it even trickier with the addition of rolling logs/cinnamon sticks.

In Slime Climb 2.0, the rolling balls have been replaced by logs. Avoiding the cannon-fired balls was a handful in itself, but now, logs fill the entire ramp. You'll have to time your jumps to avoid being taken out, and when you get closer to their launch, you could always dive under the log to get past.


Thankfully, Slime Climb still has the ability to cut corners all over the show. Don't bother heading to the end of a ramp and rounding a corner - nip into the final gap. The ledge should be low enough for you to pull yourself up onto the next one. You'll still have to watch out for an overcrowding of beans and the moving blocks that threaten to push you back onto the level below.

When you make it to the treadmill section, don't worry. Beans can afford to take their time here, and providing you stick to the right-hand side, you should sail through. Standing on the right means the pink pillars will only push you up the treadmill.


Now, it's onto Slime Climb's trickiest obstacle with the balance beams. Watch your bean precariously tiptoe across as the rotating beams try to send you tumbling onto the treadmill and potentially even further back. Being ahead of everyone else will really pay off here, because let's be honest, is there anything worse than trying to navigate the beams with a crowd of beans behind you? The good news is that you don't need to jump onto the first beam. Just line up your bean and take a step. 

Jump when you're facing the right way for the second beam, then turn your camera and make sure things are lined up again before you step off the end. It's into the final few furlongs with the mini hammers. Head through the middle of the first two and keep going right. Squeeze through the narrow gap of the next ones and run to the wall. Hauling yourself up, there are yet more moving platforms to avoid.


The last run of moving pillars is the easiest place to get eliminated, so it's imperative you keep to the middle and try to take your time. Again, that's a paradox considering this is Fall Guys. Finally, there's a pick-n-mix of obstacles at the end. If you're faced with the new spinning hammers, zig-zag and keep to the very edge of whichever side the hammer is placed on. You could also be faced with more moving pillars (which we've already covered). If you thought the old swinging balls were enough to contend with, Slime Climb came in and decided to shake everything up.

Even if some things are a little different, Slime Climb is still a devilish level at its core. As with the previous version, probably your biggest obstacle on Slime Climb is other players. Griefing is a massive issue, as other beans will grab you and pull you into the path of platforms, hammers, and balls. There's no advice we can offer here other than trying to put as much distance between you and the others as possible. Grabbing and being tossed to your doom is most common on the balance beams. 

Just like before, watch out for players lurking at the end. Some sadistic beans seem to get pleasure out of parading themselves near the end and throwing you off the course into elimination. You can try to dive to escape this, but either way, keep your wits about you. It's a long "climb" to the top, but hopefully, our Slime Climb guide will make it a little easier to get there.


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Images via Mediatonic

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