Landing in less than a week, Fall Guys Season 2 will have many more features than the Medieval Theme.

11:25, 02 Oct 2020

Fall Guys Season 2 is less than a week away, and Mediatonic is pulling out all of the stops to reignite the party game craze which provided endless hours of fun over the last two months. On October 6, fans will be treated to an array of new features as the Medieval times take over. Ranging from brand new costumes, mops, and other cosmetics, players will be able to be disguised as Vikings, Pirates, and Merlin the arch-Wizard.

However, this is not where the shenanigans stop. Mediatonic is set to implement an interface which will allow all players to change their names from the vanilla FallGuy1234, adding a lot of "spice" to the individuality available within the game. 

In August, the developers removed the feature to change names, due to an exploit which was being abused, allowing players to sport offensive names and break the terms and conditions. They have now developed a creative fix for this. 

Season 2 will add nicknames, nameplates, and special community names that can be chosen from the interface.

For players that want to mix up their names from FallGuy1111, they will be able to select a nickname generated by the developers, to ensure safety and no offensive names to be created. From a list made by Mediatonic, players can now be pinged across the map by Big Yeetus as "Sir Hugs A Lot", "Trying Their Best", "Good Egg", and many more. 


The tweet also states that community names will be implemented in the future, rewarding those that go above and beyond in Fall Guys

So far, there has yet to be light on how these nicknames will be earned, alongside the banners that can be unlocked, although it will likely be similar to Fortnite Item. This means that they will either be available through the store or by completing in-game challenges.

Season 2 is on its way, so grab your wands and pickaxes, as we prepare to race to save the damsel in distress and earn the all-important crowns.



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Image via Mediatonic

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