The results are in as Mediatonic has revealed which Fall Guys levels are everyone's favourite in the colourful party game.

13:54, 20 Oct 2020

Those bouncing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout beans are back for more fun in the virtual sun, and as the Medieval-themed Season 2 gets well underway, players are getting to grips with a whole host of new levels.

With the likes of Knight Fever and Wall Guys giving us more courses to conquer and mountains to climb, these newcomers are settling in among the old favourites of Season 1.

We still have those maligned team games, and yes, we still hate being part of the Yellow Team, but all in all, developers have remained committed to keeping Fall Guys fresh. When it comes to finding out what everyone's favourite course is - clue, it's not Egg Scramble- Mediatonic has taken a survey of its happy fanbase and asked YOU to rank the levels. 

Whether you're happy with Hex-A-Gone, jump for Jump Showdown, or get in a whirl for Whirlygig, here are the top five rounds of Fall Guys - as voted for by players themselves.

What is the most popular Fall Guys level?

Fans may, or may not, be surprised to learn Slime Climb came out on top. Despite the Fall Guys level getting a reputation for being one of the hardest to master, it seems we just can't get enough of that slippery slog to the top. One of Slime Climb's best bits was the late-stage update it had in Season 1. It gave the level a tweak and listened to fan feedback to try and stop those griefers that would stand at the top of the course and try to throw you to your doom. 

There were over 27,000 responses, with Slime Climb taking an impressive 33% of the vote. The question is, will fresh blood like Knight Fever take the crown in the next survey? Knight Fever is a devilishly hard level constructed from the mind of those demonic developers. With obstacles galore, it was also the first course to add the intimidating Thicc Bonkus to the mix. 

What's the worst Fall Guys level?

Keen to keep the positives, Mediatonic hasn't revealed which rounds get the award for most loathed. Looking at the general consensus, we'd definitely see Fall Ball, Egg Scramble, and Team Tail Tag ranking pretty highly. Basically, there's still no love for team games. This has become evident in how Wall Guys encourages you to work together or screw each other over but doesn't actually put you in a team.


Considering Slime Climb is officially Fall Guys' most popular, is it any wonder Mediatonic named its latest mode "Slime Survivors"? The new mode puts gamers in a specific playlist where their fall results in an instant elimination. Courses including Slime Climb and Perfect Match lead to a final round of either Hex-A-Gone or Jump Showdown. It's interesting to note most of these courses featured in the survey.


Fall Guys is giving a middle finger to criticisms it's a "dead game" by Season 2 proving it can move with the times (albeit back to the Middle Ages) and reinvent. With the inevitable Season 3 somewhere on the horizon, let's wait and see what else those cunning level designers are cooking up in the cauldron.



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Images via Mediatonic

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