Fall Guys New Season Trailer Reveals Medieval Theme, New Levels, And More

Fall Guys New Season Trailer Reveals Medieval Theme, New Levels, And More

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Mackenzie O Brien


11th Sep 2020 17:00

Gamescom: Opening Night Live might not have been too entertaining for most fans, but it had a particularly high note near the end. A teaser trailer for the newest season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was revealed after months of anticipation from Fall Guys fans. The trailer was short, but it definitely got the audience's attention, as it focused on the elements that make Fall Guys so much fun for players.

The lead designer of Fall Guys, Joe Walsh, kicked off the relatively short Gamescom announcement by thanking fans of the game for the great success they've enjoyed over the past month. He stated that there was a lot of new content planned beyond even the game's second season, including a mobile version of the game set for release in China soon.

Unlike the game's first season, which didn't have much of an underlying theme, the second season of the game will be themed around the medieval times. That means that familiar levels will feature castles, dragons, and other high-fantasy elements. Even better is that there will be quest-themed battle pass challenges and new costumes to unlock as well. Knights, dragons, Vikings, and witches are some of the many costumes players can expect to see when this new season rolls out.

New minigames were also teased, such as a block-pushing game called Wall Guys. This minigame's objective is to scale multiple walls, pushing obstacles and blocks out of the way to reach the finish line. There will be four new rounds of minigames for players to experience, most of which will be a surprise for players when the season drops.

Fall Guys New Season Trailer
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The season two teaser also hints at the fact that some Fall Guys minigames might be retired or reskinned. Fans are anxiously awaiting which games will feature a new medieval flair, and which ones will be retired. It has already been confirmed that Tail Tag will feature medieval elements, and take place in a castle. Hoopsie Daisy will also be reskinned to contain rotating logs, drawbridges, and swinging axes to celebrate the season's new medieval theme. Players seem excited to find out which of their favourite Fall Guys games will have a new twist this coming season.

According to the countdown timer in the game menu, the second season isn't due to begin until October 6, giving players a little less than a month to complete season one battle pass challenges. This date is not official, however, and could be set back, should the developers decide the season needs more polish.

Until then, players should try to complete as much of the battle pass as they can, and invite their friends with a PS4 to download the game as well. It is rumoured that once the second season goes live, the game will no longer be free to download on the PS4.

Fall Guys New Season Trailer
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It is also rumoured that the newest season will feature epic quest styled challenges in the respective battle pass, further solidifying the season's new medieval theme. Not much about these new quests has been revealed, but players can expect them to be as fun as the first season's challenges, with a medieval twist.

Associate lead artist Nicholas Pessina confirmed that features like private rooms and cross-play are a little ways off for fans, but still in the works. He confirmed that the development team would be pacing themselves on these updates, keeping the content fresh while also focusing on what is in the realm of possibility for the team.

Pessina also stated that each season after the first would have its own distinct theme, to tie in with the game's silly, funhouse aesthetic. Lead level designer Megan Ralph said that the team would try to push out these new updates monthly if possible. However, if it came down to sacrificing the quality of the game to meet a deadline, they would push a release back a bit.

Fall Guys New Season Trailer
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Players are excited to see what new themes and elements the world of Fall Guys will try to incorporate over the coming months. The game has already exceeded player expectations with constant updates, a down-to-earth development team, and unique gameplay. Players were pleased with Mediatonic's ability to adapt to player criticism in season one, with the game's many tweaks and bug-fixes going relatively seamlessly. Fans of the game are excited to see the changes Mediatonic makes to Fall Guys in the second season, as the game has already done so well in the first.

One thing is for certain - what could have been a very boring Gamescom: Opening Night Live for most fans took a more positive spin with the inclusion of the Fall Guys second season teaser. Fans of the game are more excited than ever to scale the bouncy castle walls and drawbridges of the new world of Fall Guys, and will be anxiously awaiting the season's October 6 release date.

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