Mediatonic has just dropped a huge Fall Guys new update which is bringing some major changes.

10:38, 15 Sep 2020

As we jump on our trusty steed and gallop toward Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 2, Mediatonic has proven there's more to come from the freshman season of its bouncy battle royale favourite. While some of us are looking ahead at the Medieval-themed Season 2, the developers have just dropped their biggest update ever with a cheating overhaul and the hyped addition of Big Yeetus. 

Since day dot, there have been complaints that Fall Guys isn't keeping up with tackling cheaters. From players glitching across maps, to hurling genuine opponents off the course, there have been far too many able to cheat their way to the crown.

While news that Mediatonic will be installing the same anti-cheat as Fortnite didn't exactly fill us with confidence, developers have promised there will be a zero-tolerance stance on cheating as the game progresses. Today, the Fall Guys new update made its first steps to tackling one of its biggest problems.


Posting on the official Fall Guys account, the community confirmed Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus have found a home in Fall Guys. Anti-cheat is all well and good, but let's be honest, we're here to see Big Yeetus. There's been plenty of hype surrounding the giant hammer, which promises to wallop those bumbling beans across the course. Big Yeetus isn't your friend or your enemy, they're described as a chaotic neutral who can propel your bean forward or send them right to the back of the pack.

Even if this Fall Guys new update is the biggest ever, it's not quite the all-star drop of Season 2. With critics questioning how a game like Fall Guys can stay relevant, Mediatonic surprised with its Gamescom presentation and confirmed a metric tonne of new content would be on the way. Season 1 is due to end on October 6, with players hoping Season 2 will also land on the same day. 


Alongside the reveal of new skins like a knight and a dragon, Mediatonic has said the levels are inspired by the "epic quests" of the Middle Ages. We're not quite sure what this means, but with a slow trickle of teasers for new levels, it's clear the Medieval theme runs deep in Season 2.

Even if Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus aren't the Season 2 smorgasbord we were hoping for, the Fall Guys new update will hopefully tackle the issue of cheaters and shake things up a bit as Big Yeetus spins into action.



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Images via Mediatonic

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