The latest Fall Guys leaks hint that gaming icon Sonic the Hedgehog is coming to the party title in Season 2.

10:50, 11 Oct 2020

Lace up your running shoes because it looks like Sonic the Hedgehog could be spinning his way into Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. With the Medieval-themed Season 2 of Fall Guys coming in a matter of days, Sonic might not seem like he fits the narrative, but hey, who are we to complain?

As one of the most iconic video game characters of all time, a Sonic skin is sure to be a huge hit with players who want to dress their beans as the blue blur.

In the past, we've seen crossovers with the likes of Enter the GungeonTeam Fortress 2, and Portal, but bringing the fan-favourite Sega series to Mediatonic's bouncy party game could be the most recognisable skin yet. 


Famous leaker HYPEX posted on Twitter and showed off this haunting Sonic skin. Although it's not been confirmed (yet) by Mediatonic, it looks like this one is the real deal. Given the popularity of Sonic, expect to see plenty of players suiting up as him. HYPEX claims that the skin will drop on October 14 and cost the princely sum of 10 crowns. Still, it'll be well worth it to masquerade as this gaming giant. 

If you thought movie Sonic was terrifying (before he had that makeover), that's nothing compared to the blank expression of Fall Guys Sonic. Seriously, this is some pure nightmare fuel. Elsewhere, there are hints that that long-rumoured collab with CD Projekt Red is on the way and The Witcher will also make its mark on Fall Guys. Something ominously named "Bathtime Geralt" has been unearthed in the files.

Obviously, this isn't the first time Sonic has swapped Green Hill Zone for pastures new. In fact, there's a whole sub-genre of Sonic and Mario crossover games. We've already given our own dream list of Fall Guys crossover skins, with Sonic also appearing on there. Unfortunately, we can't take the credit for his potential arrival in Fall Guys


All this comes with a reinvigorated Sonic fanbase following his big screen outing and hopes he'll return to consoles for the next generation. Even if Sonic isn't a Medieval addition to Fall Guys' revamped second season, he's sure to be a speedy assist for damsels in distress. As for Sonic's Fall Guys fame, Let's hope Doctor Robotnik doesn't get in our way of climbing that mountain and claiming the crown.



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