With the Fall Guys Infallible Trophy being the hardest to unlock in-game, here's how players can claim it for themselves.

17:30, 21 Sep 2020

While Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout looks like its simple premise of bouncing around an inflatable arena as a tiny bean should be simple to master, don't let its candy-coated exterior fool you. Underneath all the flying fruit and rolling cinnamon sticks lies a tricky underbelly, and an increasingly hard list of trophies to unlock. Right at the top of the heap is the devilishly tricky Fall Guys Infallible Trophy.

Just like Takeshi's Castle (which Fall Guys is based on) showed us, winning ain't easy. The developers themselves have said the Infallible Trophy is almost impossible to unlock, but thankfully, the key word is 'almost'. Securing the Infallible Trophy requires players to win five games in a row. As TimTheTatman has proven, even getting one crown can be an ordeal in itself, let alone a chain of five in a row. Still, it can be done - and here's how!

Work as a team

Even though only one person can claim the Infallible Trophy, working with others is an invaluable key to success. Gather your squad and play together with them, running interference by taking out rivals. Believe us, being paired with people you know in a team game can make all the difference between securing success and bottoming out of the competition. Also, playing with your friends means you can communicate and come up with your own strategies on how to score those lucrative five crowns. 

Blend in

Don't make it obvious that you're gunning for the Infallible Trophy. Wearing a rare or vibrant skin might draw attention to you and paint a target on your back from other players. Flying under the radar also means no dangerous moves. Shortcuts can come in handy, but if it's going to jeopardise qualification, it's best not to risk it. Remember, you just need to qualify the first four rounds, not come first. Don't be showboating and taunting people at the top of Slime Climb. Just get in, get the job done, earn the crown, and move on. 

Try a controller

Fall Guys has become stupidly popular on both PC and PlayStation, with an Xbox version reportedly ready to go. If you're playing on PC, we advise using a controller instead of a mouse. A serious computer gamer is probably well-versed with using a controller instead of a mouse, and those extra perks in terms of response and reaction time are integral to mastering the Fall Guys Infallible Trophy.

Song of a glitch

At one point, there was a glitch that allowed you to use an exploit to maintain your winning streak. Sneaky players discovered that you could exit a match and retain your run before elimination. A streak is only broken when you're disqualified and earn kudos from a round. Mediatonic said it intended to patch the glitch, which has varying degrees of success anyway. It isn't ethical and will presumably get you in trouble with the new anti-cheat software. Anyway, isn't the point of earning the trophy to do it the right way?


Finally, don't be afraid to lose before you win. It's a huge task to unlock the Infallible Trophy, meaning you'll probably zero out several times before you get there. Posting on Reddit, lead game designer Joe Walsh confirmed the devs have noted our love of trophies and could make it easier to win in the future. For the time being, the odds are stacked against you. With up to 60 players competing in each episode, you might have to beat 295 other beans before you'll get the Infallible Trophy - and that's assuming you do it on the first try.

As it stands, PSN Profiles has confirmed 2,224 of you brave beans have achieved the Infallible Trophy, so we know it can be done. One player discussed how they achieved this on Reddit, explaining that it was a lot of luck. TheMrMadzen wrote, "End Matches were 3xCrown games and 2xTail games, the luck was unreal I guess. One of the Crown games 3 were ahead of me but all failed to grab the crown". Still, there's no escaping the mammoth task of toppling the Fall Guys Infallible Trophy. Now you know how, try your best, and get ready to display this one on your virtual mantlepiece. 



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Images via Mediatonic

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