'Hit' me baby, one more time

17:00, 23 Sep 2020

Get ready to climb your way to the crown as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout rolls out its updated version of the fan-favourite Hit Parade. If tackling the balance beams, rotating doors, and pillars wasn't hard enough, the new (and improved?) version of Hit Parade includes mini-hammers, more giant balls, and the potentially deadly addition of Big Yeetus.

If you're quick on the ball, the latest additions to Hit Parade can actually get you to the top of the mountain before you can say "bouncing bean". Hit Parade is one of the more fast-paced courses that you'll come across thanks to the variety of different obstacles being thrown your way. That being said, there are some handy shortcuts to claw back some valuable seconds from the competition and (quite literally) launch yourself ahead of everyone else. 

The first section is the balance beams, which let's be honest, is a pretty steady start. The main trick is to not bother with the balance beams - which might sound silly. Purposefully falling into the slime will slow you down as your trudge through the goop, but in the long run, it'll probably still put you ahead of those on the beams. Unless you're the first on the beam and have a clear run at the end of the section, we'd recommend dropping straight down into the slime. You can also use the yellow cushions to help bounce yourself further up the course.

Into the spinning doors is another easy win if you're at the front. If the doors aren't already spinning, you can pick whichever route you want and breeze through. A major tip is to try and get the doors when they're moving in the same direction. If your bean is clipped from behind, it'll give you a welcome boost forward, but if you go against the momentum of the doors, you'll waste precious time and energy trying to get them moving in the right direction.

Again, a Hit Parade variant could swap the doors out for spinning arms. These might seem easier to master because you don't have to push them, but trust us, they can become a literal stumbling block as you trip over them. All versions of Hit Parade will conclude the middle section with two doors that come together. Just hope you don't get caught in a heap of beans waiting for them to open again.


Even though only a few people think about this logically, there's a secret entrance to the final section that's hidden at the side. When the doors come together in the middle, it opens up a gap to slip through. Two sections down, and with one to go, it's onto Hit Parade's final assault. This one is something of an uphill climb, but as usual, there are some sneaky shortcuts. You'll either be faced with the traditional balls swinging in from the side, or a new version where they swing lengthways across the course.

When taking on the traditional sideways wrecking balls, they'll come in from out of frame, so make sure you watch for where the shadows are. Stopping and making sure you aren't walloped is a good idea. It's here you could be flung off the side of the course and miss out on qualification. The pendulum variation should also be avoided, but if you're clever and make a well-timed leap, you can use them to launch you right up the course, past the last obstacle, and over the finish line. Why not give it a go?

If you haven't been catapulted to victory by the wrecking balls, you'll have to tackle the slippery hill of slime that once again has moving pillars. Staying to one side should keep you out of range of most obstacles and their overlap. 


Be warned; there is a variant version of this where mini-hammers line the sides of the final section, meaning you could find yourself behind knocked back. You'll have to doge through them or try and jump the hammers, but either way, keep your eyes open and look out for other players pulling you into danger. Finally, there could be the random spawn of Big Yeetus. If Big Yeetus makes an appearance, players have to hope for the best and try to avoid being skyrocketed to kingdom come. Take all of the above into account, and you should easily be able to make it through qualification. Now that you're a Hit Parade master, we're expecting you'll be getting your own parade pretty soon!



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Images via Mediatonic

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