Making sure you don't 'crash' and burn.

17:30, 12 Sep 2020

We're running for the exit in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with another handy guide on how to beat those tricky levels in Mediatonic's pint-sized title. With Fall Guys breaking records and growing its fanbase by the day, we're excitedly looking at what's to come in Season 2. Even though there's a whole host of Medieval-themed content on the way - and a slew of new levels - plenty of Season 1's fan-favourites will be back for a revamp. 

One game we all hope to see more of is Gate Crash. The premise of Gate Crash is easier than most, as you dash from one end of the course to the other and try to time a leap through a series of moving doors. It may look simple on paper, but believe us, it's anything but. We've all been there as we dart head-first toward an open gate, only to wallop into it and end up stumbling to the back of the pack. 

Unsurprisingly, timing is key here. There's no Rain Man-inspired counting sequence, but with a few handy hints, you should be able to sail through those raising gateways and straight through to the next round. You need to make sure you avoid crashing into gates, because it will cause your bean to fumble and cost precious seconds. When just a few steps away from the gates, aim for the one that's on the ascent. By the time you get there, it should be fully open.

When it comes to the first set of doors, the order goes left door rising, then right, then the middle. If you start on either the left or the right, simply run through the middle. If you're starting in the middle, you'll have to carefully time a dash to one of the sides.

The second set of gates are linked in pairs, meaning the far-right and middle-left gates are linked. Watch out for the swiping columns and pick your gate. Onto the third set of gates, and they're linked in the same sequence as the second. Things move a little quicker as the gates will stay open for a shorter period and rise more often. We advise going for the opposite door to whichever you picked in the second round.

Set four is divided into two rows of four that move in tandem. All four go up at the same time, with the middle two dropping first. You'll only need to learn how it works on one side of the gates, and if you curve your run, you should be able to keep your bean jogging forward to slip through both in one swift movement. Pick one of the middle gates, because, for every one time the outside gates drop, the middle ones do it three times.

Onto gate five and they move in an alternating pattern. Again, head for the middle gates. When your bean is about three steps away, one gate will be up, and another will be down. We suggest you go for the closed one - which should be open by the time you reach it. 

The final countdown is where timing is especially key. You can't control your speed here, so it's a case of mastering the slippy slide of slime. Remembering that each door stays closed for 1.5 seconds, you should pick any one and wait until it's fully closed. When the door is right at the top, it's time to slip down the slime to (hopeful) qualification.

Our final tricky tip is that you can jump and dive to give a little extra height, and hopefully clear a gate you might be about to clip. It's not foolproof, but it's there for an emergency.

Some people have suggested Gate Crash and Door Dash should swap names, and to be honest, we completely agree. In the meantime, you can read our handy Gate Crash guide and learn how to get one step closer to the crown with ease.


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