Will We Ever Get A Fall Guys And Fortnite Crossover?

Will We Ever Get A Fall Guys And Fortnite Crossover?

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Mackenzie O Brien


15th Aug 2020 17:00

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has become a bit of an overnight sensation since its release on August 4. People can't seem to get enough of the fun, yet challenging new battle royale.

Made by Devolver Digital, the same studio that cranked out the Serious Sam series and Hotline Miami, Fall Guys was destined to be a hit the second it entered the gaming market. With its whimsical, fun, yet chaotic action, Fall Guys has entranced viewers since it was announced at E3 in June of 2019.

Fall Guys Fortnite Crossover
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While not as vastly popular as Fortnite, many compare the games due to their competitive action and cartoony style. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that fans of both titles want a crossover. In fact, their desire for such a thing is entirely warranted - Fortnite crosses over with many other properties, from Deadpool to DC, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and even Samsung.

It isn't uncommon to see characters like Batman, Captain America, and Aquaman running around in the world of Fortnite, as they are all available as outfits for the player to wear. Fortnite's massive success boosts whatever property is attached to it, by extension. Thus, many fans think that a crossover with Fall Guys would help boost the fledgeling battle royale further into the public eye.

Fall Guys Fortnite Crossover
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This crossover would not be entirely beneficial to just Fall Guys. However, Fortnite would have something to gain from it too. Since Fall Guys is heading toward trending status in the world of gaming, Fortnite would be on top of the curve if it participated in such a crossover. It would beat other indie titles that might be pining for their place in the spotlight.

Also, a crossover seems like a match made in heaven, as the two games are similar in their execution and style. Both are massively popular battle royales with a cartoony, yet chaotic, presentation.

This is why fans have been creating massive amounts of fan art crossing over the two properties themselves. What started as a simple homage to both games made by an artist on Twitter soon became much more than that, however. Artist Adrotito on Twitter created a crossover image of some of the Fall Guys characters wearing both a Loot Llama and Cuddle Team Leader costume. The artist tagged both Fortnite and Fall Guys, probably not expecting a response.

Shockingly, Fall Guys reposted the picture, but they didn't stop there. They tagged both Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games and the official Fortnite Twitter, asking who to get in touch with for a crossover. This post took the internet by storm, as the internet at large had been clamouring about a crossover since Fall Guys August 4 release.

This isn't the first time Fall Guys has posed the idea of a crossover to a larger competitor. It also did so with Cyberpunk 2077, although in a much more comedic manner. The way that Fall Guys called out to Fortnite for a crossover seems light-hearted, yet serious at the same time, considering the colossal genre crossover both titles share. The Cyberpunk 2077 tweet seems more like Fall Guys was trying to get the game's social media team to notice them, rather than actually pose a serious crossover.

It is unknown whether or not there are actual plans set in place for a crossover between Fortnite and Fall Guys, as neither property has posted an announcement teasing such. Fans have been ravenous for some kind of answer, though, and the fan art has not stopped since Fall Guys posed the crossover request to Fortnite on August 8.

Another artist on Twitter, Nxtpyne, created a Fall Guys crossover featuring more Fortnite costumes. The artist drew the Fall Guys characters in both the Elf and Elf with Mint variant costumes. The official Fall Guys Twitter was also tagged in the post, which they later retweeted.

Fall Guys receives and retweets a lot of crossover fan art via Twitter, so to some, it might not come as a shock that they are retweeting Fortnite crossover art as well. However, considering the direct and public way that they reached out to Fortnite and Tim Sweeney, this offer to crossover seems serious. Crossing over with other properties isn't uncommon for Fortnite, and Fall Guys has just the right amount of popularity, status, and gameplay similarity to be able to pull off such a move successfully.

Fans are also wondering if there was previous talk behind the scenes with the Epic Games and Devolver Digital executives and this tweet was merely to tease such developments. Players of both games are wondering just what kinds of conversations must have been going on between the two studios to warrant such a tweet.

Fall Guys Fortnite Crossover
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Whether the two games are actually planning a massive crossover, one thing is absolutely certain - both of them have taken the world by storm with their definitive style and fast-paced action. A crossover of both titles would be widely successful, but it's up to the developers to decide whether or not it will happen. Until then, fans will keep creating crossover artwork on Twitter, and eventually, Epic Games and Devolver Digital might take the hint and make it happen.


Images via Devolver Digital and Epic Games

Mackenzie is a Freelance Journalist at GGRecon, she has experience in the social media side to the gaming industry.

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