It's a 'dash' to the finish line

18:00, 17 Sep 2020

There's a knock at the door of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, meaning just one thing. It's time to tackle the frustration of Door Dash, and what is undoubtedly one level that will make or break your Fall Guys experience. We all remember the fan-favourite challenge on Takeshi's Castle, where we saw contestants run full pelt at a door, only to find it's as solid as a rock.

Tumbling backwards into the mud and straight into elimination, we'd sit there at home and openly mock them by saying, "that looks so easy". Now's your chance to prove if you've got what it takes with Door Dash.

Unlike a lot of rounds that require a level of skill and luck, those at the front of Door Dash rely purely on luck. After the fake door is found, it's then a mad dash as a crowd of bumbling beans head for the right one. You'll start to understand where the name Door Dash comes from.

With such a scramble for qualification, you might be asking if there are any handy tips and tricks to help you nudge closer to the crown. Thankfully, we've got a few.

The real kicker with Door Dash is the fact that, while the numbers of doors in each row remain the same in the first few rounds, the breakable ones decrease as you advance. We advise letting someone else do the work here. Being at the front means you probably won't be there for long, thanks to the process of elimination mechanic that it takes to topple Door Dash.

Jumping into one fake door and landing on your backside isn't too bad, but if you hit two or more fake doors, it can put you seriously behind your competitors. As the viral memes have repeatedly shown, the problem with Door Dash is when a real door is revealed and everyone piles through the same gap. This can cause a bean-filled heap that gamers should try and avoid if an alternate route is available.  

Still, it's important to stay in the front half of the group. Those who lag in the second half are likely to miss qualification, meaning it's a careful balancing act (think See Saw) to get it right. In terms of tips and tricks, there are a couple of things you can do to make sure your bean stays in that sweet spot. After a door is bust open, there's a trip hazard in the form of debris. Some well-timed jumps and dives should help you overcome the smashed remains of the previous door.

At the final door, use your dive to get a little extra distance. Believe us, a few millimetres can make all the difference in Door Dash when it comes to making qualification. Unfortunately, Door Dash isn't one of those levels like Tip Toe where fake/real doors will reveal themselves by shaking. There's a lot of luck involved, so just do the best you can. 


Of course, this wouldn't be Fall Guys without a sting in the tail. Season 2 is just around the corner, with a smorgasbord of Medieval-themed levels on the way. In the meantime, those menacing Mediatonic devs have introduced something called Big Yeetus. The giant hammer will randomly spawn in some levels to disrupt proceedings, and surprise surprise, it's been known to spin into action in Door Dash.

Appearing on the final slide before qualification, Big Yeetus could destroy your Fall Guys streak by whacking beans out of the running. Again, another case of clever timing and dumb luck is needed here. Still, with our handy Fall Guys Door Dash guide, you should be able to master the course with relative ease.



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Images via Mediatonic

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