One Fall Guys dev has shared the ridiculous excuses cheaters have given to try and get their bans reversed.

14:44, 14 Sep 2020

Despite Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout breaking records and being the game of the hour since its August 4 release, the battle royale game's meteoric rise has also been dogged by problems with cheaters. If you thought Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone had a cheating pandemic, players have thrown some serious shade Mediatonic's way and called out the developer for failing to tackle it head-on. 

Chances are, most of us have been in Hex-A-Gone and seem someone magically float across the course, or had a round of Perfect Match ruined by a hacker throwing you off the board. While Mediatonic has vowed to clamp down on cheaters, one Fall Guys dev has shared the most ridiculous excuses they've been given after someone was caught cheating. Up there with, "My dog ate my homework", there are some doozies in here. 


Posting on Twitter, Community Manager Oliver Hindle shared the best of the worst when it comes to insane cheating excuses. Apart from the adorable beans, Hindle has arguably become the face of Fall Guys by handling the game's social media and churning out stellar content. As for cheating, popular excuses include players saying they only cheat in other games, cheating to try and help Mediatonic improve its own crackdown on cheaters, a sibling getting hold of your account, or our personal favourite of playing dumb and claiming you're just not very good with tech.

Either way, Hindle and the rest of the team can see through those like cling film, and it's safe to say, don't take kindly to cheaters - let alone cheaters who are also liars. By the sounds of it, once the ban hammer is down, Fall Guys isn't about to let you back into the party. Even if Hindle can't share the exact content of the emails he receives on a daily basis, the excuses make for some fun reading in the extensive thread.


This isn't the end of the road for Fall Guys cheaters though. Mediatonic is introducing its own anti-cheat system that will use the same mechanics as Fortnite. Given that Epic Games has also faced criticism over anti-cheat, it will be interesting to see whether Fall Guys can completely eradicate those sneaky cheaters ahead of Season 2's hyped release.

Even if there are some genuine mistakes when it comes to being banned by a Fall Guys dev, they're few and far between when compared to the growing number of players who are being rightly given the boot. The moral of the story here is, just don't cheat. It's pretty simple!



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Images via Mediatonic

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