Fall Guys Christmas Jumper Is Perfect For Your Favourite Bean

Fall Guys Christmas Jumper Is Perfect For Your Favourite Bean

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Tom Chapman


21st Nov 2020 14:52

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to decide what you want to find under the tree this year. Yes, most of us might be angling for a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, but with stocks dwindling, you've probably got a better chance of selling ice to Eskimos. Even if consoles will be top of everyone's lists this year, there's a whole host of gaming merch to keep you happy.

One of 2020's biggest surprise hits was the release of Mediatonic's Fall Guys. The squishy party game soared to the top of the Twitch charts and took over as everyone from Tyler "Ninja" Blevins to TimTheTatman raced to the top of Fall Mountain in hopes of grabbing a golden crown.

While there were accusations Fall Guys would become a "dead game", developers have moved with the times and introduced a whole host of new content. If you want to honour the game's legacy, now you can with a Fall Guys Christmas jumper.

Fall Guys Christmas Jumper
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Aside from the colourful level design and deadly obstacles including Big Yeetus and Thicc Bonkus, the core of Fall Guys is those adorable bouncing beans. They may look a bit bland on their own, but when dressed in one of the snazzy skins, they can look like anyone or anything. From fries to Scout from Team Fortress 2, a Medieval goblin to Sonic the Hedgehog, we've seen them all. 

Numskull and Devolver Digital have joined forces to unveil their own Fall Guys Christmas jumper, which is sure to keep you warm this snowy season. Well, it definitely beats that itchy one your grandma has knitted. The description reads: "Get yourself this high-quality Christmas jumper fit for the ultimate Fall Guys champion! If you’re all about looking good during the festive season as you fling other contestants out of the way to your victory, then this is a must-have wardrobe addition for you. In true yuletide fashion, this jumper is lightly seasoned with arrow details and miniature Fall Guys to create a true Christmas vibe". 

Fall Guys Christmas Jumper
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As well as a decorative jumper adorned with bumbling beans, there are also obstacles that homage the game. According to Numskull, this is part of its Ugly Sweater range, however, we think it's pretty attractive. It's definitely one way to make sure you stand out while sat around the dining table. The jumper costs $34.99/£34.99, meaning its slightly cheaper for those who live in the USA.

Believe it or not, there's an actual Christmas Jumper Day, which is December 11 year. When a Home Alone-inspired "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal" simply doesn't cut it, why not try the Fall Guys Christmas jumper?


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Images via Mediatonic

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