Mediatonic confirmed it has been exiling cheaters to a magical Fall Guys Cheaters Island.

11:24, 15 Sep 2020

Get out your Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout maps because it turns out there's been a secret level hiding inside Mediatonic's game this entire time. If you thought Tip Toe or Slime Climb was a frustrating dash toward qualification, believe us, you don't want to find yourself matched with this level. Apparently, developers have been shipping cheats to a secret place called Cheater Island. Suddenly, team games don't seem so bad. 

While devs have tried their best to stop cheating in Fall Guys, there have been plenty of sneaky beans who've slipped through the net. Like with most games, you could report a cheater, but you'd never actually know what happened next. It turns out that Mediatonic was gathering those nefarious cheaters in one place and sending them to their own purgatory called Fall Guys Cheaters Island. So, what goes on in this hellish limbo?


Posting on the official Fall Guys Twitter, the "spicy update" explained what the Fall Guys Cheaters Island actually was. In the early days of Fall Guys, cheaters weren't banned, and were instead sent to this "magical place where cheaters could happily compete against themselves for the Cheater's Crown". The Cheaters Crown was then described as, "Literally just a normal crown but tainted with a hollow feeling of guilt and regret". 

When cheaters were flagged, they were casually placed in their own matchmaking queue with the rest of the cheaters. The best part is, they probably didn't know they were on a one-way ticket to Cheaters Island. Cheaters were stuck in a perpetual loop of constantly falling - simply assuming it was a bug with the servers. Then, something amazing happened when there were enough cheaters to actually matchmake. You need at least 40 players to populate a match, with Mediatonic confirming a cheaters match eventually went live. 

Before you go hunting for Cheaters Island because you want to check it out yourself, it sounds like it no longer exists. Unfortunately, when videos of the mythical Cheaters Island seemed to make their way online, the company decided it didn't look great for the Fall Guys brand and axed the whole island. 

The team added, "Last week...something exciting happened. There were finally enough cheaters to actually matchmake and create Cheater Island matches! Here's a new problem though...People were uploading videos that we *think* are Cheater Island…”

These days, Fall Guys is committed to installing a more robust anti-cheat system. The battle royale title has vowed to clamp down on cheaters with its new anti-cheat, aka Anti-Cheatus. Don't worry though, there's a whole host of new levels on the way in Fall Guys Season 2. Come on, did you really want to end up on the Fall Guys Cheaters Island with all the other ne'er-do-wells? 


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Images via Mediatonic

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