The hacker gained partnership status, being recognised as having 'authentic identity' and 'account integrity'.

11:59, 03 May 2021

Facebook Gaming can be applauded for its efforts to promote the lesser-known rough diamonds when it comes to analysing the streaming platforms. The new streaming system gives many chances to smaller content creators and is often used as a great stepping stone on the way to stardom. However, since its merger with Mixer, the platform has not been one to stray away from controversy, and they've now hit the headlines again.

This time, Facebook Gaming has been slammed after giving a partnership to a known cheater and hacker. 

Described as a "toxic stream sniper" and clear "hacker" Hacks Gaming 2 was gifted a Facebook Gaming partnership after racking up almost 10,000 followers. It's right there in his name, guys...

After other content creators noticed, the platform opened itself up to ridicule, with many streamers taking to social media to voice their displeasure.

Popular Facebook streamer Jeff Leach also voiced his opinion, saying "WHY is a hacking, toxic, stream sniper getting partnered? We love you... but this is an insult to the platform AND every streamer grinding for partnership. You’re teaching young viewers that you reward cheating, toxicity & hacking."


Leach's comments were further backed up by a range of content creators moving over to Twitter to rant at their parent streaming platform.

As per the community guidelines, Facebook Gaming's "authentic identity" and "account integrity" have been questioned. Outlining that these are two of the most valued aspects on the route to becoming a partner, many legitimate streamers have hit out at Facebook, quizzing how a hacker ticks these boxes.

Hacks Gaming 2 has now had his partnership revoked, following the outrage, although his page is still open to monetisation, something that the majority of streamers, such as Leach, have called for to be stripped too. As a known cheater and hacker, many have also called for him to be banned off the platform altogether. 


Facebook has yet to comment openly, meaning we will have to wait and see whether Hacks Gaming 2 will continue on his terror across games such as Call of Duty: Warzone.



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Image via Activision | Facebook Gaming

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