The OCE roster shuffle is in full swing, with Express rounding off Ground Zeros roster for RLCS9

23:05, 07 Feb 2020

Former Chiefs player Jonathan “Express” Slade has joined Ground Zero’s roster ahead of this weekend’s RLCS qualifiers, joining Tom “Julz” Jullienne and Alex “Decka” Tsoutsouras on the roster that finished fourth place in last season’s Oceanic regional championship.

Despite only making it to the World Championship twice - in Season 3 with JAM Gaming and in Season 6 with Tainted Minds - Express is considered to be one of the most successful players from the Oceanic region. Having become the first team to knock the at-the-time Chiefs roster from OCE’s top seed heading into the Season 6 World Championship. However, after that victory, Express then suffered two heartbreaking defeats to miss out on both of 2019’s World Championships, losing four Game 7s across the two regional championships.

Express joins a Ground Zero side looking to repeat their Season 7 heroics, where they took down Express’ own ICON Esports roster in a game seven overtime to make it to New Jersey. Despite failing to win a series at LAN, they still impressed many viewers and their OCE compatriots Renegades took notice, snapping up Christopher “Siki” Magee. A disappointing fourth-place finish with William “Requiem” Hutchinson led to his removal from the roster and the addition of Express.

Ground Zero’s RLCS run kicks off with the LPL Rocket League Oceanic Championship’s first qualifier on Saturday, with the side set to secure their league-play spot for the upcoming season with a top-three finish.


Image via ZeeboDesigns

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