Could this be the best finals yet?

19:00, 20 Sep 2020

Two regions who haven't faced each other in months, a new MVP, a massive underdog - this postseason has it all for the Overwatch League. Could it be the best ever? The entire format and the storylines that each team brings definitely gives it the potential to become an epic fight for the elusive spot as Grand Finals winners. 


With the way the Grand Finals playoffs have been structured, we will get to see each team at least twice. This is great from a fan perspective, knowing that you will be able to watch your favourite team in at least two high-stakes matches, but it sets the stage for some massive rematches. All four of these teams matched against each other would be an exciting game, and hopefully, several rematches will be seen. There wouldn't be many people who would say they don't want to see the Philadelphia Fusion vs Shanghai Dragons twice. Along with the chance for seeing two matches between these elite teams, the chance of a lower-bracket run always adds to the excitement.

This will also be the first time the APAC teams will face off against the NA teams in far too long. Although it would have been great for the season to proceed as initially planned, the current situation has added tension and anticipation for finally seeing the top teams in the regions compete against each other. A debate has been held all year about whether or not the Dragons or Shock were better, or whether the Fusion could compete against Shanghai. This will finally be the chance for teams to earn respect for their entire region.

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As the biggest underdog in the postseason, the Seoul Dynasty has a lot to prove. They have been exciting to watch all postseason, but their inconsistent regular season leaves fans hesitant to believe in them. There is no doubt about the peak ability of these players, and they seemed to grasp the newest playstyle well. The competition has a few weeks to prepare, so it might be hard for them to achieve the same advantage they had over teams in their playoff run. The Dynasty seem to have finally figured out their best roster, and with the double-elimination format being in place, teams should be wary that the Dynasty can pull off a big upset or two. 

The Shanghai Dragons earned the first place spot from APAC, and it was well deserved. ByungSun "Fleta" Kim was named the league MVP, and it will be difficult for anyone to take them down. Fleta is a superstar, so it is easy to forget that many of the other players on this roster have garnered conversation as the best at their respective roles. The biggest storyline surrounding this team will be how far ahead or behind the best of APAC is to NA. Many fans think the Dragons are the best in the league right now, so hopes are high for their fanbase. After a dismal Inaugural Season, the Dragons turned into Stage Champions for Season 2. Taking the Season 3 Grand Finals would be the ultimate way to complete the franchise turnaround. 

After only losing twice in the regular season, the Fusion are still out to earn the respect of fans around the league. The Shock were consistently reputed as the best team in NA since the Fusion failed to win any of the midseason tournaments. The first matchup might be the most telling for the Fusion who face against star-DPS duo Fleta and Jae Won "LIP" Lee will be a big test for the Fusion who have been mixing and matching their DPS line. After losing to the Spitfire in the Season 1 Grand Finals, this is a chance for the Fusion to finally prove they are as great of a team as their record says. JaeHyeok "Carpe" Lee was in the MVP conversation, and the potential matchup versus Fleta is an event on its own. The memories of losing to the Spitfire in Season 1 will still be fresh in his mind, and the losses that the whole squad took during the midseason tournaments haven't helped to relieve any pressure he might be feeling, but fans know he can do. It seems absurd to say that a team with a 24-2 record is the underdog heading into the biggest tournament of the year.

Finally, the San Francisco Shock. The reigning Overwatch League champions. This is the first time a team has a chance to repeat as league champions, and if any team can do it, it is the Shock. As Matthew "Super" Delisi says, the Shock have more finals experience than most of the other teams in the league. After winning the May Melee and Countdown Cup this season, another Grand Finals win would only add to the statement that they are the best Overwatch team ever. It is difficult to keep up sustained success for so long, and the Shock have a chance to prove their dominance over the best of the best one more time. 

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