Following their controversion game five over FURY in the OCE RLCS, Frenzyy and delusioN have both been banned from the RLCS

09:54, 08 Apr 2020

After their controversial game five finish against FURY resulted in CJCJ’s Renegades missing out on a playoff spot, Psyonix have thrown the ban hammer down on Frenzyy and delusioN, formerly of Team Esper. The Oceanic pair have been banned from all Psyonix-sponsored events for one year. Their teammate SSteve has not received any punishment.

Frenzyy and delusioN - Competitive Ruling (RLCS) from r/RocketLeague

After losing a second game in their final matchup against FURY, Esper no longer had a route to the playoffs and, with Renegades relying on an Esper win to proceed to the playoffs, delusioN and Frenzyy began to make some questionable plays. FURY booked their playoff spot with a 6-3 win.

The duo have been banned until April 7, 2021, rendering them unable to play in both the Spring Series and the next two seasons of the RLCS, as well as having their prize money revoked. With such a monumental hit to their careers, it’s unclear as of yet whether they will carry on playing the game at the same high level that they had been up until the concluding game of their season.

Although he was present on the roster at the time of the game in question, Psyonix chose to leave SSteve without a ban due to the Rocket League developers believing that he “did not intentionally compromise competitive integrity”.

Following their game against FURY, Team Esper announced that the roster had been released. They state that they are committed to returning to Rocket League.



Image via Team Esper

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