Stake, Zamue, Tox, Wolf and Coach Arleyobi, previously of RCD Espanyol and Canyons, have been signed by Giants Gaming

12:15, 09 Jun 2020

Giants Gaming, also known as Vodafone Gaming, have signed players Stake, Zamue, Tox, Wolf (sub) and Coach Arleyobi, previously of RCD Espanyol and Canyons.

The Spanish organisation has competitive teams in CS:GO, League of Legends, Fifa, and most recognisably, Rainbow 6 Seige. Based out of Malaga, Spain, they have partnerships with Vodafone and Nike, and have found a new home for the RLRS side.

The Spaniards were previously of RCD Espanyol in RLRS Season 9 and were dropped by the org despite their 2nd place finish, just a couple of hours before their promotion playoffs, of which they finished third missing out on RLCS promotion.

The roster competed under the 'Canyons', or 'Stonkers', and since missing out on promotion they have been looking for new representation, with their recent form attracting Vodafone Giants. Finishing fourth in the Spring Series, losing out to Dignitas in the losers bracket after previously beating the RLCS champs to put them there, Canyons had looked impressive beating newly promoted BDS, and rising stars The Clappers in addition to Dignitas.

The RLCS champs were their downfall again in the Fusion Qualifiers, alongside Endpoint, who appear to be their kryptonite of recent times, as they were eliminated in 13th-16th place. 

Their new organisation will be a welcome home for the aspiring side with large potential, and could possibly give them the lift that they need to secure promotion in RLCS S10 when it comes around.

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