This mod is truly camouflaged chaos.

22:31, 02 May 2021

Some people just want to watch the world burn. These same people will have a bucket of lava and an invisibility potion whipped up just seconds after you reveal that the wooden house you've been spending days on is finally complete. The same people will knock you into a canyon at the first chance, or even destroy your nether portal when you've just put your stack of obsidian into a chest. 

They just love to see the struggle.

Now, thanks to the world of mods, someone has made the most devilish resource pack known to Minecraft that will have you screaming at the sizzling of a fuse.

Minecraft modder "Schmueles" has created a texture pack that allows Creepers to act like chameleons and reflect the same look as the surrounding biomes. This means that any Creepers in the desert will reflect as a light beige, those found in caves will be the chilling shade of smoothed stone, and even those in the dark will blend into the night like Batman awaiting the Joker.

The user left most of the comments section to run wild, claiming that he was Satan reincarnated, especially when seeing those creepers on Mushroom biomes that cannot spawn deadly creatures - unless manually spawned in creative mode.


The texture pack is available on an extended version of the Depixel mod pack that adds much more detail to the plain and simple Minecraft look. Schmueles describes the pack as "a smooth, consistent experience with a touch of realism, keeping the Vanilla style in all its glory."

That is until a gunpowder-filled block of pure camouflaged evil blows you into oblivion. 

Despite its evil to the core nature, this mod pack extension could be interesting for the eagle-eyed players who want to add a little bit of spice and rubble to their overall Minecraft experience.



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Image via Mojang | Schmueles | Depixel 

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