Everything You Need To Know About PUBG Update 8.2

Everything You Need To Know About PUBG Update 8.2

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Jack Marsh


10th Aug 2020 15:48

PlayerUnknown's Battleground Update 8.2 brings some interesting new elements to the battle royale shooter, including new toys, some visual improvements to a few weapons, a nostalgia hit in the main menu, and more!

Here's everything you need to know about Update 8.2...

New Weapons and Gun Balances

The MG3 Light Machine Gun is the latest weapon to be found in Battlegrounds Care Packages. Boasting two different rates of fire, a bipod for stability, tracer rounds, and increased weapon damage to vehicles, the MG3 is a great long-ranged gun. Full details of the MG3 include:

  • Not currently available in Ranked Matches
  • The twp MG3 firing modes are 660 rpm and 990 rpm
  • Chambered for 7.62mm, holds 75 rounds and has a muzzle velocity of 820 m/s
  • 1.25x damage multiplier when shooting vehicles
  • Tracer rounds are fired every 5th round, as well as for the final 10 bullets of each magazine, letting you know that ammo is running low.
  • Tracer rounds can only be seen by the shooter
  • Supports optical attachments up to the 6x Scope
  • The MG3 has an attached bipod, deploying automatically when prone to greatly improve weapon stability.
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Alongside the MG3, the M416, SKS, and Kar98k have all been modifies to improve their visual quality. Furthermore, the following gun balances have been introduced:

  • C4 has been added to Care Packages on all maps, except Karakin
  • MG3 has been added to Care Packages on all maps
    • The C4 and MG3 are not available in Ranked Mode
  • Vehicle damage multipliers have been added to LMGs.

    • MG3: x 1.25

    • DP28 : 1.15x

    • M249: 1.10x

  • Camera shake when firing LMGs while prone has been reduced
  • Decoy Grenade has been added
    • Not available in Ranked Mode
    • Beware, they’re not waterproof! Dropping one into water will disable its effects

World and Performance Updates

Four docks have been added to Erangel. Two of the docks added have been added to the existing wharves: Novorepnoye and Ferry Pier. The other docks have been added to the southern beaches of Erangel mainland and Sasnovka Island.

A helmet customisation option has been added. You can now hide your helmet and still receive the armour boosts. Purely a cosmetic update, the helmet customisation allows you to look good whilst still being protected. It will still appear for enemy players if you have this equipped.

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Menu Changes

In addition to gameplay features, the menu has also had a revamp. An esports tab has been included until September 23. It will allow you to compete in challenges to unlock rewards such as PCS2 items that will come into play with this update. 

A full menu breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st page
    • An introduction to PCS 2 and thumbnail image which when clicked will redirect you to the live stream and event information.
    • Now each day with a match on a schedule will be highlighted.
  • 2nd page
    • Introduction to the Pick’em challenge. Here, you will be able to learn how to participate and preview rewards.
  • 3rd, 4th page
    • PCS Focus which features certain players who successfully advanced to PCS 2 from each region (APAC/ASIA, EUROPE/NORTH)
    • A player who has recorded the best PCS 1 PEPS+ stats from the region
    • A player who has recorded the most kills in PCS 2 preliminary
    • A player who has been selected as a dark horse

The PCS2 items will include a range of emotes, skins and weapon wraps.

Update 8.2 is now live and available to download.

Stay tuned at GGRecon for more PUBG News.


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Jack is an Esports Journalist at GGRecon. Graduating from the University of Chester, with a BA Honours degree in Journalism, Jack is an avid esports enthusiast and specialises in Rocket League, Call of Duty, VALORANT, and trending gaming news.

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