Here is detailed guide about the new Exotic weapons in Fortnite and where to find them on the map.

17:30, 03 Feb 2021

Fortnite is showering new Exotic weapons with every new update, and it has brought a lot of diversity to the game. The recent v15.30 update was no different and introduced two new Exotic weapons that can be purchased by the players using the latest Gold currency. These exotic weapons include a unique Quad Burst Launcher and Chug Cannon.

A few days ago, several leakers posted videos of unreleased Fortnite weapons, and there were quite a few weapons that made players excited for the future. Now, it is confirmed that we will get all those weapons in this season as exotics to enhance the quality of gameplay. For those unaware, ‘Exotic’ is the newest category of weapons introduced in this season, which players can only purchase from selectable NPCs around the map. Moreover, these weapons have special abilities attached to them, which can be a great addition to players’ arsenal.


The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has already witnessed how powerful, and fun the exotic weapons can be. Adding more of them would indeed incentivise players to spend their hard-earned gold to buy the right weapons in the game. Several players have also started making their drop spots around certain NPCs to spend their gold and gain a good advantage in the matches they want to win. Therefore, the randomisation in the loot has become abysmally low as players purchase their favourite exotic weapons and start the matches with potent guaranteed weapons.


Image via Epic Games

Players could purchase all the Exotic weapons in the game via gold from the NPCs spread all across the map. Not all NPCs have Exotic weapons to offer; therefore, different players approach different NPCs for serving other purposes. For finding a particular exotic weapon in the game, players will have to know the NPC who is offering that deal at some point of interest in the game.

The recent additions of Exotic weapons have more than one location, and it depends on the luck of the players if they find the NPC in that given location. For getting the Quad Burst Launcher, players need to find the Fishstick NPC who could be found in two places - Coral Castle and Craggy Cliffs (more likely). Players could quickly make their way to the Splode Island next to Craggy Cliffs and purchase his rocket ammo to support this exotic purchase as it burns through the ammunition. Next up for getting the Chug Cannon, players need to find the Remedy NPC who would be available near Craggy Cliffs to offer her medical services to the players.

Image via Epic Games

Players would need to purchase these Exotic weapons by using the gold currency in the game, which can be earned by eliminating bounties, doing tasks for the NPCs, and more. Do keep in mind that NPCs do not have an unlimited stock of these Exotics in their inventory. Therefore, there could be only one type of Exotic weapon in a match. Moreover, many players camp these locations to secure easy kills and earn the exotics by eliminating the player who bought it by spending his/her gold. Therefore, always box yourself with the NPC and purchase the weapons safely.




Image via Epic Games

Quad Burst Launcher is one of the weakest Exotic weapons in Fortnite, but it could be used to overwhelm the enemies with a quick succession of rocket barrage on them.  The weapon fires two rockets simultaneously, unlike its predecessor Quad Launcher and deals 42 damage per hit. It could be wildly inaccurate, and the best way to use it would be to destroy enemy builds. Moreover, the reload speed is languid, and it could easily lead to some easy elimination for the enemies.

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The Chug Cannon, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of the Quad Burst Launcher, and it is a must-pick exotic weapon for the players. The vaulted Bandage Bazooka is very similar to this weapon, and it never really shined through its ranks. It became a very situational weapon for the players, which could be used to heal players only. However, with the Chug Cannon, players can do that and even shield themselves to the full. It is like a portable chug splash that could heal every squad without a set limit on it. This weapon takes up two inventory slots, and it could sustain whole teams easily. Although the healing/shielding is a bit reduced than the previous version of the weapon in the game, it is undoubtedly a great weapon to try out in Fortnite


Images via Epic Games

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