Check out all the details of the v12.40 Fortnite update!

18:00, 16 Apr 2020

Epic Games has officially stopped releasing patch notes with each Fortnite update. In addition to providing unofficial patch notes, we will discuss the leaks coming out of the patch. This includes future weapons, in-game events and limited-time modes. Check out everything new with Patch v12.40 below:


Gameplay Changes

  • The compass at the top of the screen now indicates the direction of shots
    • Red is used for enemy fire
    • Orange indicates friendly fire

New Weapons/Items

  • No new weapons or items were added in Patch v12.40

Map Changes

  • The Shark POI has been transformed into a prison
  • The “No Sweat Insurance” building  — previously seen in Titled Towers — has been added to Lazy Lake


  • Farm-related assets added

Bug Fixes

  • Grenades have been reenabled in non-competitive modes
  • The pulsing issue with the Visualize SFX Audio was fixed


  • Map font altered
Fortnite Newjpg

New Shotgun in Fortnite?

Information found in the game files suggests that players can expect to see a new shotgun weapon soon. According to the leaks, the shotgun will come in all rarities and have a charge mechanic. The weapon will output increased damage depending on the length of time charged. Fortnite fans have already begun making comparisons to Apex Legend’s Peacekeeper with a choke attachment. Specific stats for this new shotgun can be found below:

New In-Game Event

Renowned Fortnite leaker, Lucas7yoshi, has discovered files that point to a new in-game event coming soon. The event is code-named “Jerky”. Also, there is no goal score for the event. This means that players can drop in, relax and watch the event without the worry of being griefed by other players.

New Skins/Cosmetics

With every new patch comes a plethora of brand new, unreleased cosmetics. For a complete list of all the leaked cosmetics in Patch v12.40, click here

There you have it. Everything Fortnite fans can expect to find in Patch v12.40. 

Images via Epic Games

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