‘Everything Is Connected’ In Fortnite Season 5

‘Everything Is Connected’ In Fortnite Season 5

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Rijit Banerjee


23rd Dec 2020 18:00

Fortnite has evolved more than just a typical battle royale video game, and it’s been shaping up to be an evergreen game which is going to be relevant for a long time. The initial game just had the traditional Save the World mode, which provided a fun experience of killing zombies, securing homeland bases, and more. Later, Epic Games decided to expand the game to the battle royale genre, and the rest was history.

The game started on simple notes, however, it had many unique elements attached to it which made it very popular among gamers. Especially, the building mechanic in the game was unprecedented, and it brought another dimension to the game. Players can now break anything in the game and have their materials (Wood, Stone, and Metal) to build their cover and ramps - and the sky was the limit for everyone. Therefore, creative players excelled over mechanical players, and as a result, many young gamers were interested in the title.

Moreover, Fortnite had its first live event in Chapter 1 - Season 3 with a meteor blasting the central point of interest (Dusty Depot) and created a crater on the map. It doesn’t sound awe-inspiring but as the years went on, the game connected little easter eggs and storyline surprises for the players, even though the game barely puts out any information about the lore of Fortnite. The community looks for clues, easter eggs, and much more to learn more the exact story of the game. 


Fortnite didn’t disappoint its fans, and the first chapter was full of surprises. The Fortnite community impatiently waited for each season’s live event to have these fun in-game experiences. Little did they know, these little experiences are crafting the big storyline of the game.

The Seven were the mysterious space beings who visited the island and tried to break the loop. Even though we have seen only three members of the Seven crew, they are suspected of making an appearance in the upcoming seasons. They were promotional live events as well, such as concerts, and more to lighten up the mood of the players. The Chapter 1 - Season 8 live event witnessed players given the liberty to choose their favourite vaulted weapon and bring it back to the game.

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However, the lore speculations took a sharp turn when the game had its Chapter 1 - Season 10 live event (Season X) where the Zero point engulfed the whole island at the end of the event. Players wondered if that was the end of the game, but then Fortnite revived itself and came forward with a brand new Chapter for the players. Midas and the Spy wars were incorporated in Chapter 2 - Season 2 and players almost forgot about the original timeline of the story. However, the famous doomsday event introduced the Agency point of interest and players heard Agent Jonesy for the very first time in the game.

Fortnite characters aren’t allowed to speak, and they run in a simulation which makes them kill each other, and the whole process repeats itself. However, Agent Jonesy specially asked the players if they can hear him, symbolising that Agent Jonesy was equally as surprised as the players in the game.

Live events like these engage the community and bind them together. Fortnite has emerged as one of the best multiplayer games, which under Epic Games have retained the fan base with many more years to come.

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Midas created the Doomsday device, and many players speculate he is a part of the Seven. He might have tried to break the loop by pushing the storm, which worked for a while, before flooding the whole island. Later, he mysteriously disappeared from the game in Chapter 2 - Season 3, and Fortilla (point of interest) and many new characters made their way into the game. 

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Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 was a huge collaboration with Marvel and the whole season took away the spotlight from the in-game lore of Fortnite. Moreover, new superheroes made their way into the island to help the Fortnite inhabitants to fight against Galactus, the devourer of worlds. The players successfully defeated them using the Gamma infused battle buses. Fortnite had a small comic strip in that season which showcased Thor’s arrival to the island, however; his memory started vanishing as well. This incident further confirms the notion that the Fortnite characters are running in a loop and their memories are erased after every match in the game to start the phenomenon all over.


Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5 has gone all-in with the latest season and filled it with talking NPCs throughout the map. After Galactus exposed the Zero point, which has been the most integral part of the Fortnite storyline, Agent Jonesy used it to bring in bounty hunters like Kratos, Master Chief, and more to the game. Epic Games also released a cinematic which had tons of in-game lore hints for the players.

Initially, Agent Jonesy had a conversation with a superior on the call where he mentioned he left snippets of him inside the loop. Therefore, all the Jonesy cosmetics in the game are indeed a version of the actual Jonesy. Moreover, he was instructed to protect the reality, i.e. stopping people from escaping the loop. It opens up a very intriguing question which frames Agent Jonesy as the bad guy and the Seven as the good guys in the narrative. Bunker Jonesy revealed a lot of information about the Loop which symbolises Fortnite characters have somehow regained consciousness and are looking to break the loop.

The newest Season 5 map is also bringing back old points of interests slowly, which could potentially lead to some heavy storyline changes in Fortnite’s upcoming seasons.

Images via Epic Games | YouTube

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