Everything Coming To Pokemon GO In Fifth Anniversary Event

Everything Coming To Pokemon GO In Fifth Anniversary Event
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6th Jul 2021 11:53

Who can believe that Pokemon GO is five years old? It feels like only yesterday that its first wave of hype was washing over the world and getting people out of the house with ease to gather more Pokeballs to catch rare Pokemon in their local communities.

To celebrate the occasion, Niantic has offered players a new event packed with new content that’s bound to keep day-one players and newbies alike nice and busy.

Pokemon GO’s Five Year Anniversary Event

Everything In Pokemon GO's Five Year Event
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As announced on the official Pokemon GO website, here’s everything that’s coming to the game over the next week.

Darumaka and Flying Pikachu with a 5-shaped balloon will be appearing more often in the wild, and with a chance of catching a shiny Darumaka too.

Darumaka, Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, and Flying Pikachu with a 5-shaped balloon will appear in one-star raids.

A new large array of Pokemon will appear around PokéStops with active lure modules. Some of these Pokemon are even starters, with the likes of Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott appearing.

You’ll get daily bonus field research tasks that will lead you to encounters with an array of Pokemon, including those starters appearing at PokéStops.

If you complete the collection challenge for this event, you’ll get a special encounter with a Flying Pikachu with a 5-shaped balloon, plus a big collection of Rare Candy and a bunch of Poké Balls.

Everything In Pokemon GO's Five Year Event
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The in-game fireworks from last year’s Pokemon GO fest will be making a return. There’s also a whole new in-game sky to gaze at while you’re looking for them, too!

If you activate the mystery box during the event, there’s a chance of an encounter with a Shiny Meltan.

The Jump-Start Special Research will be available during the event for anyone who missed out on it last year. It’s meant to help you catch up on the game if you’ve fallen behind, so if you’ve been waiting to get back into the game, there’s no better time to do it than now.

There are some fifth-anniversary gift stickers in PokéStops and the in-game shop.

You can boost the size of your Item Bag to 3,500 from right now, and you can expand it in the shop.

The Special Box, Ultra Box and Adventure Box will have different items, too.

Plus, all lure modules will last one hour for the duration of the event.

When is the Pokemon GO Five Year Anniversary Event?

Everything In Pokemon GO's Five Year Event
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The celebration of Pokemon GO at five years old began today on July 6 and will come to an end on July 15. There’s no better time to jump into the game, so get started on the event if you don’t want to miss out on the goodies on offer.

It’s nice to see that Pokemon GO is still going and offering new events and bonuses for players who have stuck with the game. If you’re one of those people, what are you waiting for? You’ve got some Flying Pikachu to catch.



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