Everyone Is Obsessed With Gas Station Simulator

Everyone Is Obsessed With Gas Station Simulator
Drago Entertainment

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Joseph Kime


21st Sep 2021 15:00

Video games are the perfect form of escapism. It can take us to worlds beyond our own, our own world gripped by apocalypse and endless war, and even let us live out our personal island fantasies with our animal mates in something like Animal Crossing. There’s a lot that video games are capable of, and a lot that the medium deploys to entertain players.

Just when you think you've plumbed the depths of running a restaurant and even building your own PC, along comes something new. Now, it looks like video games are now making the bold jump to… a dusty road on Route 66.

People Are Loving Gas Station Simulator

Gas Station Simulator is somehow tearing up the Steam charts at the moment, winning over simulator title fans with ease and becoming one of the best selling titles on the platform right now. Steam continues to surprise with what's trending, and as Twitch users also pick up on the title, Gas Station Simulator has plenty of gas left in the tank.

The game opens with you inheriting a crumbling gas station from your uncle. It's your job to revive the business, pay your uncle back for the building, and give your customers the experience you can only get from the very best gas station on Route 66.

Players are loving the customization of putting together your station, painting it up, and giving drivers sea service station with a smile. It seems as though your uncle, whose past is pretty secretive, has ties to something a little more sinister to… encourage you to make enough money with the station, but that’s something you’ll likely learn first hand.

Finally, gamers have the chance to build the gas station of their dreams.

How Is Gas Station Simulator Dominating Steam?


At the time of writing, Gas Station Simulator is the leading game on Steam’s New Top Sellers chart, and is already boasting a ‘very positive’ rating as aggregated by 2,516 reviews. The game is going down an absolute treat, not only with fans of simulator titles, but with regular gamers too.

The game is a surprise hit, and with its pretty low price point too, it’s no wonder that fans are clamouring for it. Some are already claiming Gas Station Simulator is the new Dead by Daylight, which is great news for developer DRAGO Entertainment. If you reckon you could be a great gas station owner, jump in - just mind out for the mobsters on your tail.


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