Check out the datamined leaks that never made it to the game

13:10, 30 Jul 2020

With every patch or update implemented into Fortnite: Battle Royale, comes a plethora of new, unreleased cosmetics. It has become a tradition that leakers enter the game files following each patch in search of new skins and items. This is called “data mining”.

In this article, we will provide you with the history of Fortnite cosmetics that never found their way into the game. These cosmetics have since been vaulted or have no clear timetable for their release.

Vaulted Cosmetics

These are skins and cosmetics that may never see the light of day. Throughout Fortnite’s history, there have been skins found in data mined files that ended up never being released. Some of these have been deleted from the game files completely. Others have had their release put on hold. There is no telling if these skins will ever be made available to the player base.

Skin Vault Fortnite


This skin never officially received a name but is commonly referred to in the community as the “K-Pop” skin. Much speculation has revolved around this skin. Is it a China or Korea exclusive? Will it be part of a promotional event? No one knows.

Recently, leakers claim that the skin is no longer visible in the game files. It appears that this unique skin may be gone for good.

Skin Vault Fortnite


One of the craziest looking outfits we have seen, Airhead was leaked in the summer of 2019. There is no clear explanation for why this skin was never released in the shop. As far as we are aware, it is still in the game files. Airhead fans can hold out hope that this skin will one day be released.

Skin Vault Fortnite


Gemini was leaked during Easter of 2019. Unfortunately, the popular consensus is that the skin was scrapped and replaced by Astro Assassin. Astro Assassin has the same exact model as Gemini minus the robotic bunny head.

Skin Vault Fortnite


Gemini’s futuristic pickaxe of choice, Plasma Carrot remains hidden in the vault. With Gemini long gone, it is highly unlikely that Plasma Carrot ever gets released as a standalone item.

Skin Vault Fortnite


One of the plethora of holiday-themed pickaxes, the North Pole sign pickaxe remains unreleased. One could theorize that Epic Games merely felt that they had too many winter holiday pickaxes in 2019. The highly sought after Merry Mint Axe took the brunt of the attention. The best chance to see this pickaxe will be during the 2020 Christmas holiday. If it doesn't arrive then, it is likely gone forever.

Skin Vault Fortnite


Helium is one of two gliders leaked over a year ago that have yet to be released. With the new age of creative, obnoxious gliders, we’d bet that the basic Helium has been discarded.

Skin Vault Fortnite


Rush shares the same story as Helium. Neither of these two gliders will likely ever be released.


There you have it. Every single vaulted cosmetic in Fortnite history.

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Images via Epic Games

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