Every Starfield Planet Is Apparently Bigger Than Skyrim

Every Starfield Planet Is Apparently Bigger Than Skyrim

Written by 

Tom Chapman


7th Dec 2021 11:36

We're off to a galaxy far, far away, with Bethesda's Starfield tipped to be a lot bigger than Skyrim. Even though it's been a decade since we first stepped out into Skyrim, it still stands as one of Bethesda's most ambitious outings.

While we're used to battling dragons in this fantasy realm, Starfield is a completely different beast as we reach for the stars. Much like Skyrim, Bethesda boss Todd Howard has explained his hopes it'll last for at least 10 years - so it's probably good news Starfield is a suitably massive endeavour. 

How Big Is Starfield?

According to a post on Reddit, each of Starfield's planets will be at least as big as Skyrim. Considering the 2011 game is massive itself, it's a truly baffling concept to try and wrap your head around.

The post reads, "Each planet is bigger than skyrim's map with negative space inbetween every handcrafted location. would be f**kn stupid to let the player fly around in your ship when theres no actual distance between each place."

The same OG source previously leaked accurate details on timeframe and Starfield factions, so we'd be inclined to believe this one. Oh wait though, the OP has gone on to say they made the whole thing up just to rattle the community.

Elsewhere, the post claims you'll be able to mod your whole ship, a bit like Fallout 4's Power Armour. There could be a giant city on Mars called Cydonia, as well as gravity mechanics, and alien lifeforms being a major part of the story. It was all so believable. 

What Else Do We Know About Starfield?

Even if this was a hoax, the idea of a Fallout 4-inspired settlement system where you can make planets of your own seems increasingly likely. Basically, we think we've only just scratched the surface of how big Starfield will be. Remembering that Hello Games' No Man's Sky delivers a supposedly infinite galaxy, it's likely Starfield found some inspiration here.

After plenty of speculation about whether Starfield would be an Xbox exclusive thanks to Microsoft's massive acquisition of Bethesda, we now know it'll be launching as an Xbox exclusive at some point in 2022

Only recently, Howard and the team did a deep dive where they got to show off some glossy concept art and explain a little more of what Starfield will be like. It was here we realised you'll get to keep a pet cat in space. As Starfield gets ready to fire the afterburners, we can't wait to reach for the skies in what sounds like Bethesda's biggest game yet. 


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