The EU RLCS now has just one week to go before the standings are settled. Here’s a recap of everything that happened on Sunday.

20:00, 17 Mar 2020

With another weekend of matches in the history books, the EU RLCS now has just one week to go before the standings are settled. Here’s a recap of everything that happened on Sunday.

Dignitas 3-1 Endpoint

It was another close series for Endpoint against one of Europe’s elite as they gave the dominant Dignitas a run for their money. While they were unable to take the series victory, the game they were able to take could prove to be crucial as they look to avoid the Promotion Tournament this weekend. Dignitas have also just about locked in a top-two spot, with only FC Barcelona able to overtake them or Vitality heading into the final week.

Team Reciprocity 3-1 TSM

Ah TSM. What went wrong. Another series similar to their performance against mousesports as they started strong before quickly running out of steam and being overrun by a rather lacklustre Reciprocity side. While TSM may well survive the automatic drop, Reciprocity have one week left to try and secure a top-four spot as they look to gain an advantage heading into the playoffs.

Team Singularity 3-2 Endpoint

Wow. What a series that was. This was leagues ahead of their victory over TSM last week as Singularity all-but-secured their spot in next season’s RLCS. SNG were able to win their third game-five overtime of the season as they edged their way past an Endpoint side who will be frustrated that they weren’t able to close out the win. With both teams fighting for that important seventh place, Singularity have certainly done themselves a favour here.

Veloce Esports 2-3 Dignitas

It was quite the close series here as Dignitas scraped past a sturdy Veloce defence. With the first four games all going to overtime, Veloce came as close as they could against last season’s World Championship semi-finalists as they look to hold on to a top-four seed. Dignitas came away from a challenging double-header with two victories and are inches away from securing a top-two spot.

FC Barcelona 3-2 AS Monaco

With the more conventional style of football cancelled, all eyes (including /r/soccer) were on Barcelona’s incredible reverse sweep over AS Monaco. Two games down and yet to score a goal, it looked like Barcelona had thrown away a chance at a top-two spot. However, they didn’t give up as they took the next two games in overtime. As the clock struck zero in the final game, Monaco looked like they had secured a first win of the season until a sloppy double commit from EyeIgnite allowed Flakes to put home the buzzer-beater. That was the nail in the coffin for Monaco as they looked shaken in the short overtime that followed, with Barca keeping their top-two dreams alive.

Renault Vitality 3-1 mousesports

In a hotly-anticipated final series plagued by disconnects, Scrub was unable to get revenge on his former teammates as mousesports fell to Vitality in four games. Despite some strong performances from all three mouz players, Vitality were simply too strong as they held on to their top-two spot in the league heading into the last week, while mouz have two chances to boost their Regional seed this weekend.

Here's the standings after week 7:

EU RLCS Standings
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