With the conclusion of Johnnyboi_i's Fusion Event for EU sides, and overall, us at GGRecon dive into how the roster changes performed.

17:47, 08 Jun 2020

Johnnyboi_i’s Fusion event has concluded, and acknowledgement is needed to the producers for the incredible three weeks of Rocket League action. From excellent casting to gripping action, Fusion had a bit of everything, and we’re sad to see the back of it, despite the numerous upcoming community events. Looking back at the final weekend, the EU main event was wrapped up, seeing Renault Vitality crowned champions. With multiple roster changes settling in, and some incredible matches, we evaluate what Fusion has taught us, and what we can expect in the future.

Can Scrub Shrug off The Singularity Scrutiny?

Team Singularity have had an intriguing Fusion experience. Scrub Killa’s first event with Singularity has left more question marks than answers, with the team in green falling at the semi-finals of the 3v3 event. Throughout qualifiers, Singularity notched up wins against Story Bud, Almans and Barcelona in 3v3, but also lost to Story Bud, Nameless (x2) and Veloce Esports (x2). This mixed form continued into mains, comfortably beating Tree of a Kind 4-1, then failing to take a single game off Renault Vitality. Scrub, Noly and ThO need to scrape together some consistency, especially with the competition in EU looking fiercer than ever.

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Aztral and Oxygen Looks a Match Made in Heaven

Oxygen Esports look the real business. The ex-Reciprocity due of Ferra and Chausette45 alongside Season 9 EU winner Aztral have attracted eyes across the RL globe, as they start their early days with an event win in 3v3. Oxygen comfortably beat the top two sides in last seasons RLCS in Dignitas (4-0) and Renault Vitality (4-1) to win the 3v3 competition, alerting fans to their huge potential. Aztral, who nilled his former team Dignitas appears to compliment Ferra and Chausette and could swiftly silence his doubters at Oxygen.

Joreuz Needs to Find His Feet, Quickly

Dignitas struggled in all departments in the main event. Being almost humiliated by their former player Aztral in a 4-0 defeat in 3v3, Dignitas found little form. Joreuz, Aztral's successor, has seemingly struggled to adapt to the RLCS EU champions’ speed, and was even knocked out in the quarterfinals of the 1v1 event, despite being 3 games up. If Dignitas want to remain a serious contender for the best team in the world, Joreuz needs to step up his game quickly and offer everything astral could do, and more.

Fairy Peak is Officially Cracked

This has to be one of the best 1v1 comebacks in the history of Rocket League. With just seconds from being defeated to the hands of oKhalid, Fairy Peak pulled off something quite astonishing. Down three games to one, and 6-4 down in match point with less than 20 seconds on the clock, Fairy pulled off a bodacious flip reset to bring the game 6-5, before bundling the ball over the line shortly after the restart to tie the game and keep him from elimination. But he wasn’t done there. With the game tied and three seconds remaining, Fairy caught his own air dribble before flicking it past oKhaliD to take the game after scoring thrice in 20 seconds. Going on to take the next two games, Fairy Peak became the Fusion 1v1 champion in overtime of the 7th game. GGs Fairy Peak, the guy is crazy.

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Renault Vitality 4 – 1 Tree of a Kind
Solary 0 – 4 Team Singularity
Oxygen Esports 4 – 1 Stormtroopers
Dignitas 4 – 3 Sandrock Gaming


Renault Vitality 4 – 0 Team Singularity
Oxygen Esports 4 – 0 Dignitas


Renault Vitality 1 – 4 Oxygen Esports

Oxygen Esports wins the 3v3 Series.



Sandrock Gaming 2 – 4 Oxygen Esports
Stromtroopers 3 - 4 Team Singuarity
Renault Vitality 4
– 0 Solary
Tree of a Kind 3 – 4 Dignitas


Oxygen Esports 4 – 1 Team Singularity
Renault Vitality 4 – 0 Dignitas


Oxygen Esports 0 – 4 Renault Vitality

Renault Vitality wins the 2v2 Series.



Sandrock Gaming (oKhaliD) 4 – 3 Solary (ExoTiiK)
Oxygen Esports (Aztral) 2 – 4 Tree of a Kind (eekso)
Dignitas (Joreuz) 3 – 4 Stormtroopers (Apparently_Jack)
Renault Vitality (Fairy Peak) 4
 – 0 Team Singularity (Scrub Killa)


Sandrock Gaming (oKhaliD) 4 – 0 Tree of a Kind (eekso 1-3, Tahz 4)
Stormtroopers (Apparently_Jack) 3 – 4 Renault Vitality (Fairy Peak 1-3, Alpha54 4-7)


Sandrock Gaming (oKhaliD) 3 – 4 Renault Vitality (Fairy Peak)

Fairy Peak wins the 1v1 series for Renault Vitality.


With 17 points for a first-place finish, 11 for runners up, and semi-finalists gaining 7, here’s how the points added up for your overall Fusion NA winners:

8th – 0pts – Solary
7th – 3pts – Tree of a Kind
6th – 3pts – Stormtroopers
T4th – 6pts – Team Singularity
T4th – 6pts – Dignitas
3rd – 7pts – Sandrock Gaming
2nd – 31pts – Oxygen Esports
1st – 34pts – Renault Vitality

Renault Vitality crowned Johnnyboi_i’s Fusion EU champions.

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